Casio SK Series Keyboards

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I'm putting this together as a (somewhat kinda) definitive resource for the ultra-cheesy yet super-cool series of Casio Sampling toy keyboards.

- Rarity is based on observations of Ebay auctions and how often these show up for sale.
- Keyboards sell for significantly more if they include the manual, power supply, and original box.
- Keyboards sell for somewhat less if they are missing battery covers, have loose/broken keys, etc.
   Common = These are extremely easy to find.
   Uncommon = These are a bit harder to find, but there are usually 1 or 2 on Ebay at any one time.
   Rare = These are difficult to find, appearing on Ebay once every month or so.
   Extremely Rare = These are nearly impossible to find, even on Ebay, once or twice a year. Most are in the hands of collectors.

NOTE: I have the manuals for most of the Casio sampling keyboards available for download below. If you are looking for OTHER keyboard manuals, some of them can be found at this site:

Pic Model Rarity Downloads
Casio SK-1 Casio SK-1 Common Manual
Service Manual
Casio SK-2 Casio SK-2 Rare
Casio SK-5 Casio SK-5 Common Manual
Service Manual
Casio SK-8 Casio SK-8 Uncommon Manual
Service Manual
Casio SK-8a Casio SK-8A Extremely Rare Service Manual
Casio SK-10 Casio SK-10 Rare Manual
Casio SK-60 Casio SK-60 Rare Manual
Casio SK-100 Casio SK-100 Rare Manual
Casio SK-200 Casio SK-200 Rare
Casio SK-2100 Casio SK-2100 Extremely Rare Manual
Casio EP-30 Casio EP-30 Extremely Rare
Casio DM-100 Casio DM-100 Extremely Rare Manual
Casio PT-280 Casio PT-280 Extremely Rare
Realistic Concertmate 500 Realistic Concertmate 500 Common Manual
Service Manual
Realistic Concertmate 650 Realistic Concertmate 650 Rare Manual
Service Manual
Realistic Concertmate 800
Realistic Concertmate 800 Extremely Rare Manual
Service Manual
Yamaha VSS-30 Yamaha VSS-30 Uncommon Manual
Yamaha VSS-100 Yamaha VSS-100 Extremely Rare Manual
Yamaha VSS-200 Yamaha VSS-200 Extremely Rare Manual

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