Realistic Concertmate 800
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Realistic Concertmate 800

The same as the SK-8 except it was sold at Radio Shack.

Service Manual


so i picked up one of those at a flea market last year. it's beat up but then again i paid 8$ CAN for it. it's quite fun. i wish i had some of those ROM packs though because my first CASIO keyboard ever had them and it would be nice to hear those cheesy little songs again. Plus it's easy to learn to play with the fantastic lighting system!
brunoc.  []  03/10/2003 02:28
I have just started a collection of casio rom packs anyone who might want to part with any of these email me I have about 10 now. Still looking for Concertmate 800( have several sk-8's I highly recomend them to anyone )
J.R.  []  03/14/2004 01:33
I have a concertmate 900. anything special about them? jb
John  []  01/14/2007 02:26
I'm trying to get info. or a manual for a Concertmate 1000. Any help would be appreciated
Nancy  []  01/29/2007 01:13
I just got one of these off of CL for $20. It is fun! I have been looking for a SK-5 for years and have not found a good price on one. I was thinking about doing a midi input on this but maybe I woun't since they are hard to find.
Travis  []  05/03/2007 08:00
I just found a concertmate 800, it's sound great and play really fun. I'm looking for a rom pack for it, is some body got any ?
Marc  []  09/22/2007 09:18
I've come to acquire one of these. Anyone know what its worth? Thanks
chris  []  10/30/2007 02:42
I have a Concertmate 1100. I honestly think it's one of the best, can you put a page up for it?
Th'Tiger  []  09/27/2008 08:14
Hi, I have a Concertmate 1100 keyboard..I want to sell it! Does anyone know how much is it worth? It is in perfect condition!! Cheers!!
Dave  []  11/14/2008 09:14
Was looking at my keyboards today and noticed the Realistic Concertmate-800 and the Realistic Rapmaster are both labeled as model "Concertmate-800" on the bottom side. Anyone know why..?
Cubilas  []  09/20/2009 05:00
I just got an 800 today. It seems like it has some potential. Trying to figure a few things out. It came with a Melody pack. anyway to download a free manual?
Opps  []  05/16/2013 05:26

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