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This showed up on Ebay about a year ago. Seems to have a sampling feature, and buttons above the keys light up (to play along with the songs on the rom?). A cross between the SK-1 and SK-8, with weird buttons? Anyone with info please let me know!
Tony Mason  05/13/2002 12:32
Hello Tony I,ve seen you wanted information on the casio pt 280. I,ve got one and can tell you this: About 1 sec sampletime 1 voice pitch up/down [2 green buttons] effects select {chosen by pushing left green button and one of the keys : 6 diff envelopes reverse loop rhythms [grey buttons]rock,disco,swing2beat,swing4beat,samba,bossa nova,beguine,march,slow rock and waltz tones[bluebuttons]:piano,vibraphone,guitar,pipeorgan,trumpet,violin,flute clarinet and sample It takes romcards [i,ve only got one]with which you can play 5 songs automatic or waiting for you to push the key{with light above] well thats about it Greetings Jos
jos van zalm  []  10/31/2002 01:19
i found the casio pt-87 on ebay, but i'm not sure, if it samples too. does someone know?
sproedel  []  05/09/2004 03:24
i want to get the operating manual for an SK PT-280. as i bought it at a garage sale, and i'd like to be able to operate it better. Can you help please? No money involved. thanx.
Jim Robinson  []  07/16/2004 06:28
Anyone with knowledge of the CASIO PT-31 or the MT-40, can u please give me a brief rundown of whether they are worth using and what they are worth roughly.. I think there are some great sounds on them.. any words would be much appreciated!
wolts  []  01/27/2005 05:08
extremely rare?? aaarrghh! i just drilled holes all through mine.
hard off  []  04/16/2006 11:13
The PT-87 is nothing special. Certainly no sampler. Most the sounds are pretty lame too. Sorry.
Anonymous    08/21/2006 01:13
yo tengo un pt 280 y mola mucho/i've got one pt 280 and is the best!
me  []  06/17/2007 05:20
HI ! I got myself a pt-280 and indeed it's the best. would like to find an Manual somewhere... Anyone?
STEVEN  []  04/24/2009 01:47
Odd.. so... back in 2001, I purchased a PT-280 off of Ebay... It appears as though I purchased the one you got your pic from, as mine has the exact crack in the top right of the cartridge window -- assuming you got the pic from ebay.. Just thought I'd post. What is this thing worth? I don't need it anymore...
LittleTinyMonkey  []  08/01/2009 06:57
The PT-31 is simply a reskinned version of the PT-30. When Casio started releasing all of their toy keyboards in the popular black color, they decided to freshen up their older pre-sampling keyboard range by giving them new, black cases and improved graphics and button colors. So the PT-31 is identical to the PT-30 under the skin. And no, the PT-30, PT-31 and PT-87 are not sampling keyboards in any definition of the term. As far as I know, the PT-280 is the ONLY keyboard in the PT range to have a sampling feature.
Alex Andersson  []  12/11/2009 08:15
This keyboard seems to be more closely related to the SK-8 than any other model, in terms of features and overall layout. It only seems to be missing the sample pads and the ability to hold more than one sample. The interesting thing about the PT-280 is that it is the only keyboard in the PT range that can sample. The PT-280 also seems to have been spawned from the SK-8 if you consider that the SK-8 had a layout and key design similar to that of a PT-50... even going as far as using the same style of buttons as a PT-50, rather than the SK-1 style buttons that the SK-5 also used. So really, the SK-8 and PT-280 could be considered first-cousins to each other, (much in the same way that the SK-1 and SK-5 could be considered brothers).
Alex Andersson  []  01/16/2010 12:23
Check mine out on craigslist. It comes with three ROMs that were meant for the Japanese Market. And none of them are worldsongs!
adam  []  02/07/2010 11:17
I found this in my granpas house. I searched it and found out that it is rare but since its rare I dont even have a manual. Can someone tell me why pt-280 so good? Can someone also send me their manuals if they have one?
Juhwan  []  01/15/2012 07:55
I folks. I just got an pt-280 un really good shape for just 50usd. Looks like a good deal to me! I bought for my one year dotter. I hope she learn how to use it soon :) Anyway, all thise years in the future from your post and nowhere to find a booklet or user manual for this babe? Hope to read ya!
Rodrigo unda  [Rodrigounda-AT-gmaildotcom]  07/31/2016 07:07

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