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You can "play" monophonic drums the on the keyboard - Bass, snare, rim, closed hihat, open hihat, cymbal, handclap. These are wonderfully cheesy. The preset sounds themselves are pretty much useless.
  • improved sample frequency (10.113 kHz)
  • 49 mini keys
  • 1.62 seconds total sampling time
  • 8 voice polyphonic, 3 when playing samples.
  • retains samples when turned off
  • 2 short or one long sample
  • has 5 envelopes which can be applied to samples
  • samples can be looped or reversed
  • mono speaker
  • 14 PCM sounds.
  • 10 drum patterns, can program 2 of your own as well.



    I thought downloading the mk-1 manual would help me figure out how to loop and reverse samples. It didn't. I have the mk-100 and can't figure it out. Help? D
    Donovan  []  11/11/2002 12:50
    where to download the sk-100 manual? I've got one but I dont got the manual Please tell me where i can download it!!!!!!
    Isak  []  10/01/2003 11:49
    can somebody please send me the manual of a sk-100. i can't find it anywhere.
    peach  []  12/31/2004 06:10
    Just came from back home and picked up the same keyboard, I definately don't have the manual either. I got it as a b-day present when I was in 6th grade its pretty retro to me. Anybody get the manual please send it to me. Thanks
    Jackson  []  01/10/2005 08:13
    Im trying to figure out what kind of keyboard the kid was holding in '13 going on 30'. is it this one? someone help me!
    Chris Winchester  []  02/15/2005 01:14
    I need sk-100 manual, please i can't find them.
    John   [ ]  03/16/2005 02:45
    I bought a sk 100 at V en D in Arnhem together with my dad when I was 16 or 17 years old in 1988. At that time I was composing tracks with it. I think the love for garage-housemusic existed at that time, because the drum sound are very simular to the RZ-1 and EMU SP12. In 1992 I synced It with a Boss DR 550 Rhythm composer to make my first real track which was a classic one. The Rhythm pattern modus is very cool because you can create 2 patterns and 2 fill ins. I still use the sounds in productions. And last but not least you can create basslines and (chords in one minor). So here are some tips: Create rhythm go to the rhythm pattern modus and press start stop buton to begin the pattern. Use sample 2 key to trigger the drumsounds. When you want to program a new drumsound press the desired instrument key. When you want to create a fill-in do the same but hold down the fill in key to begin the fill-in pattern. Create bassline by pressing the bass-pattern key. After that you use mid octave range to program the bassline. Create chords by pressing the chords-pattern key. After that you use sample key 2 to trigger the chord. I also know that when you press a key-combination (new functions will appear but how that works I don't know I discovered that in my musical experiments in the 80's and 90's.
    Remco(Detuned RDF) van Hoeve  []  03/17/2005 03:42
    More and more people uses the typically Casio SK-100 sound. So if you want to produce a heavy dance track. Use this sound! Its the sound for the future.
    Remco van Hoeve  []  06/04/2005 04:08
    Like the others, I am also in need of the instruction manual for the Casio SK-100, and would greatly appreciate any help given! Be it by email attachment, fax...yes, I'd even pay for the trouble. Thanks!
    Jon Petersen  []  10/26/2005 12:29
    Hi, how i can play casio. Rapu
    Anonymous  []  04/01/2006 07:54
    How much would a SK-100 in 100% working state be worth? I'm considering selling mine, as I already have an SK-1.
    David  []  01/31/2007 04:36
    Reverse (as I recall) can be done by pressing and holding the sample button, or it was something the same as assigning an envelope to the sample. When reversing you hear a hihat. I shouldn't sell it. Prices are just raising.
    Sn00kerPwnd3DD  [tyty-AT-erstre.iug]  05/24/2008 06:56
    my first keyboard. i hung on to it for years, but eventually traded it with Pete 'Sonic Boom' Kember (Spacemen 3/Spectrum/E.A.R.) who thought it might have some 'circuit bending' potential. i wonder if he ever used it on a record..?
    Gutter  []  06/01/2008 07:23
    I have the sk 100 manual. If anyone needs it i can send a PDF. e-mail me with subject 'casio sk 100 manual'. Good rightness and lovely :)
    Jelly potato  []  03/12/2009 09:02
    I got this keyboard in my cellar, bought in 1988 and still working. If anybody need something about it, I got the whole wrap, including user manual. I used it as an amusement along with my Korg DW8000 synthesizer, bought in 1986 and still working too.
    Last bulwark  []  05/05/2010 06:55
    Last year I was on a retreat and it was one of these used as the "organ" in our temporary chapel. I have to say that the pipe organ sound is very convincing for a cheap 80's synth/keyboard. The 49-note range made it goof for playing hymns. I had no idea that it was so rare! I would have made an offer to the owner for it! I do admit that the mini-keys made playing a little tricky for someone with such huge hands like myself!
    Marty  []  12/06/2011 02:06
    Please help me to fix my casio Sk-100 : the internal Preset sounds doesn't work anymore.. the sampler and arranger and drums works well ... No service manual avalaible ? Bye
    calcaire  []  02/16/2015 12:25
    Hi! i'm just selling this keyboard on ebay (from Italy). Mail me for info.
    Marco Salzano  []  02/27/2015 08:03

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