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SK-8 Box
Similar to SK5 except elminates the 4 preset sample pads for lion, laser, congas. Lights above the keys.
  • cartridge slot w/door
  • "melody lighst" above the keys to guide through songs which can be loaded on ROMs. Various roms were available. (How many?)
  • four pads for playing samples
  • eight PCM sounds: piano, vibraphone, guitar, pipe organ, trumpet, violin, flute, clarinet
  • ten rhythms: rock, disco, swing 2 beat/4 beat, samba, bossa nova, beguine, march, slow rock, waltz

    Wicked Bent SK-8 by
    SK-8 Box

    Service Manual


    FYI the bent SK-8 there went for $137 on Ebay. Less than I woulda thought!
    Tony Mason  05/13/2002 01:21
    a good price. my bent korg ex-800 (desktop of poly800) went for 102$ on ebay ~1+ years ago. and that was with the original manual.
    jedrek  []  06/13/2002 01:00
    I just dragged mine out of its's playing bassline so I don't tell myself I need a newer cheap Yamaha bigger toy keboard...
    Kirk Israel  []  06/21/2002 06:48
    does anyone know if the sk 8 can loop reverse and tune samples like the sk 5
    mike  []  08/07/2002 09:50
    I just discovered this page. I had a SK-8 years ago here in Canada. What confuses me is that I don't recall it having the cartridge spot? Were there different models of SK-8 (besides SK-8A)?
    GD  []  03/18/2003 01:58
    I bought my sk-8 for 10SEK (=1$),
    simon frank  []  03/22/2003 07:02
    Yey, I found one of these at the car boot sale for a mere £2! Gonna bend it of course, but cautiously! Not had much of a play with it yet, but seems pretty good... weirdly has to think about it when you apply effects... and when you reverse the sound it clicks a few times then pings to let you know it's done! A keyboard with a progress bar, whatever next! :) As a sampling keyboard it's IMHO got nothing on my Yamaha VSS-30 which has all sorts of crazy effects instantly appliable, (no tuning tho + only 1 sound, lost when off) but I think it's gonna be a great circuitbend! Thanks to linking to my site BTW Tony!
    Cementimental  []  08/17/2003 04:12
    I have a SK-8. I d'ont know! It is Rare. These are difficult to find. Is it a true? What is price now?
    Aljunior  []  08/31/2003 04:33
    How much sampling time?
    grumble  []  01/09/2004 08:42
    i need a manual for this thing..
    john  []  02/08/2004 02:16
    have got a mint SK8 on eBay at the moment for anyone interested: n
    nigel    03/29/2004 01:01
    if anyone is willing to sell his/hers sk-8, email me. i'd love to buy one. thanks so far.
    malte  []  05/11/2004 02:26
    Here is mine. Have to sell it.. I think it is a fair price.Have a look:
    Sad  []  05/16/2004 04:40
    yo tengo un sk8 y lo ocupo en una banda llamada NO en tofo caso lo compre en una feria me costo 8 gambas
    NO  []  06/06/2004 01:25
    Does anyone have a manual online? Or where I can find one?
    Logrithmic  []  11/15/2004 06:39
    how can i get a memory slot cover for a sk-8
    mike gallucci  []  12/15/2004 05:06
    does anyone have the schematics for the sk8?
    monkeymouth  []  04/11/2005 12:54
    JOSE ANDRES  []  WWW.GOOGLE.COM  04/29/2005 10:21
    I got my sk-8 at a garage sale for a couple dollars and i use it more than any other keyboard i have but i still need a manual to figure everything out.
    Pyro  [skyblue19879]  07/20/2005 12:46
    IF anyone has any tips or schematics for circuit bending the SK-8... i would be very apreciative. Thanks. ~~Widget
    widgetphreak  []  08/09/2005 05:48
    Yahoogroup created for Casio Sk-5 & SK-8 users.
    Plutoniq9  09/07/2005 06:31
    I'm reluctently selling my SK-8 on ebay, if anyone is after one! ------- (sorry for the spam ^_^)
    Cementimental  []  10/18/2005 03:54
    I have a Casio SK-8 in great shape with original box, instruction book, power supply, a 2 music ROMs on ebay right now !!
    eman  []  10/28/2005 04:43
    does anyone know where to get the keyboard bag pictured at the top of this page? or know of a hardshell case that fits the SK-8 or SK-5? any sources/tips appreciated.
    D/G/U/  []  08/29/2006 09:43
    i am trying to bend mine sk5 ..lots of possibilities but i would like to have a lot how anybody else does it..?/ Can anybody send me some schematics of bent sk5 ..i would be very grateful...also if there is anybody from london interested in circuit bending please contact meeeee.... thanx
    Rafal Flejter  []  10/12/2006 10:21
    LONDON  [WWW.CMPRINTS3-AT-AOL.COM]  10/15/2006 01:43
    Just found my SK-8 and it still works. The service manual doesn't seem to be downloading. Any chance of fixing it or emailing me a good copy? Got any black keys hanging around (I just need one) and or a battery cover. Any ROM's?
    John Bee  []  10/21/2006 05:13
    Just found my SK-8 and it still works. The service manual doesn't seem to be downloading. Any chance of fixing it or emailing me a good copy? Got any black keys hanging around (I just need one) and or a battery cover. Any ROM's? John Bee [] 10/21/2006 05:13  []  11/19/2006 08:27
    Found mine at a thrift store in Delaware for $2.99. Works perfectly! Woo! Hoo! Great for lo fi sampling.
    philly g  []  04/17/2007 10:21
    i am looking to buy an SK-8 with or without the ROM cart, if your interested in selling yours contact me, thanx
    burning man  []  10/01/2007 04:00
    I recently acquired Concertmate-800 (same as the SK-8 as far as I can tell). If I was to sell it, how much would it go for? I see none on ebay, and if I listed it would have no idea where to shoot for my price. Thanks
    Chris  []  10/29/2007 04:38
    dear mr casio i' m idir i have a shp of instrument of music to algiers in algeria . i want to know how can found a model arabic sampling kearboard as ; sk8a for my shop to sold it in my region or in all algerie this model is very asking about it ..please help me to find it and to give me his price tarif (how much) in algeria or from france paris i have a family there .in paris ....give me please adress where can found it here in algerie or not in france as paris .. thank you very much for your help .. idir tel 00 21371 89 38 67
    IDIR  []  01/10/2008 02:46
    I tried downloading the Service Manual for the SK-8 but Acrobat would not open the file with this message "There was an error opening this document. Could not repair file" I tried the download again for a second time and got the same message. Greetings
    Arthur  []  --  06/14/2008 10:35
    manual seems to work fine here!
    tony  []  06/14/2008 10:38
    Hi i have an old SK-8 keyboard i need the full complete key replacement, my question is can i get the keys for my keyboard now, did it available in india....? Help me plz....!
    Ajmal  []  12/30/2008 02:51
    I've bought a casio sk-8 today. it works fine and has the original rom ro-555 in it. if someone is interested in buying contact me (i live in italy.)
    sing service  []  01/11/2009 07:51
    i want to buy a circuitbent SK-8 (or similar)! do you know where i can find one? anyone here have one for sale? i want it bent something i can patch myself with phono cables or something! if you have one for sale, then mail me!
    mathias  []  05/12/2009 10:22
    I just found one of these one eBay, Buy-It-Now $100. It is the Realistic Concertmate 800. It is the rarer of the two? I can't wait to get it!
    Cubilas  []  06/28/2009 10:33
    The Service Manual posted here is corrupt. I had to run it through a PDF Repair tool to access it. Corruption looks minimal, and all pages are easily readable in the "fixed" version.
    Tim  []  12/18/2009 03:05
    I have an SK8, but I need to get the battery cover and the ROM cover. Otherwise in good condition. Anyone got some spare covers? Hit me up.
    Ben Jarvis  []  01/14/2010 04:20
    The SK-8s are starting to increase in value now and we're seeing less of them available on eBay and other auction sites. So I'm guessing they're beginning to become much rarer now. The average price for a mint-condition SK-8 on eBay is about $180 nowadays. I managed to pick up an SK-8 yesterday for $122... it even came with box, manual, original power-supply and RO-555 rompack and not a single scratch on it. Maybe a few smudged fingerprints, but minty fresh and working beautifully. I've always considered the SK-8 to be more of a professional unit than the SK-5. I mean... who really needs the extra 4 pads on the SK-5 when all they do is trigger a handful of mostly useless effects? Also, what was the purpose of replacing the decent instrument sounds of the SK-1 with the substandard instruments found on the SK-5... and just what is the point of having dogs barking, waves crashing and lions roaring? To me, the SK-8 is what the SK-5 should have been in the first place.
    Alex Andersson  []  01/15/2010 08:31
    Just picked one up on ebay for $50 plus shipping. I was blown away, there weren't even any other bidders! Maybe the SK keyboards are finally going out of style. Fine with me—I hate paying more than $50 for toy keyboards (very awesome, very musical toy keyboards, but toys nonetheless). Can't wait for it to get here. I'm very excited to add the hidden oriental/arabic mode (main reason I got it, since I already have an SK-1). I used to have an SK-5. I'll miss the "crashing wave" sound, and i really liked the laser sound in the drum beats (hooked up to a body contact pitch mod, it sounded like record scratches!), but i won't miss that goddam dog bark. It shows up in every bend, i swear to god. Really "ruined" that keyboard for me, at least in the sense of putting it in my recordings. Hopefully the sk8 will fare better in that respect.
    JT  []  05/14/2011 10:21
    If anyone is collecting ROM Packs, there are quite a number listed on eBay right now. Search eBay for "Casio ROM Pack". Unusual to see so many at one time - I counted 20 live auctions for individual packs - they're usually quite rare.
    Jack  []  06/02/2011 12:57
    I want to buy Casio SK8 please contact me either old piece
    Aditya kochar  []  11/20/2011 05:46
    Hey, I have a Realistic Concertmate 800 in perfect operating condition. Cosmetically its very clean. I don't have the box or manual but it does have a ROM pack and I have a power adaptor for it (not original). I love playing with it and I love tripping out with the sampling it can do. If your in the Toronto area and looking to grab one I'm willing to let it go for $100. That is the minimum price I would be willing to let it go for otherwise I would rather just keep it and play with it. If you want pics of it and some more info on it you can email me at Cheers!
    William  []  12/12/2011 06:08
    Can anyone confirm that this is the proper power supply for the Casio 8? Features: This AC adapter extends your battery life Works at home or near any other electrical outlet Output of 7.5 volt (7.5V) 600mA (.6A) With a negative (-) tip barrel type plug, exact fit for Casio NEW, never used, still in it's box Condition
    albie333  [albie 333 -AT-hotmail . com]  12/29/2011 09:35
    Hi,I figured this would be an appropriate place to field this troubleshooting question: one day recently the sample function both from the line input and the internal mic stopped workibg on my SK-8. I get no response anymore when I press the sample function or the "effect select" function to manipulate the samples. Everything else works properly however. Does anyone know what this could be? Thank you!!
    Cameron  []  06/11/2014 01:57

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