Yamaha VSS-100
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Yamaha VSS-100

Yamaha VSS-100

Information and photos courtesy of Paul Norris. Thanks Paul!

4 seconds sample time for one single sample or the ability to record 4 different 1 second samples and map them to 4 separate keyboard areas
A five segment LED input meter
Auto trigger or manual sampling start options
Detachable microphone that pops out of the case
Sample pitch up/down buttons
Sample input level slider
12 rhythms with the usual auto bass/chord stuff
21 preset sounds with vibrato and sustain effects
Separate volume sliders for sample, accompaniment and preset sounds
Line in and AUX out on phono sockets
Headphone socket
Some seriously heavy duty build quality

Download the Yamaha VSS-100 MANUAL!


Just sold mine for £46 on ebay (the very same one as in the photo in fact). The VSS-100 seems to be the rarest of the VSS range, at least in the UK. The sample quality doesn't seem to be quite as 'bastard hard' as the VSS-30 and the VSS-100 can't seem to be circuitbent anywhere near as well as the 30 or the 200. Build quality is superb though. Nice machine but i'd rather have a VSS-30.
crustypaul  [crustypaul-AT-hotmail.com]  www.circuitbenders.co.uk  05/19/2004 07:58
If you set the sample trigger lower you will get an 8 second sample at half the sound quality which sounds real crusty
steved  [steve-AT-hairpin.fsnet.co.uk]  www.hairpin.fsnet.co.uk  07/01/2004 12:09
Does anybody Know how to get a MANUAL for the Yamaha VSS-100 and other VSS Models-------I will trade CIRCUIT BENT Info or parts for the Manuals or the scanned manuals-thanks
Lee Perry  [bentmonkeycage-AT-aol.com]  http://hometown.aol.com/poppacootch/bentmonkeycagepagebegin0.html  07/28/2004 06:10
CIRCUIT SURGERY, Circuit BENDING, and or tearing guts from audio toys-that is what We do BEST at the BENT MONKEY CAGE of California in BAKERSFIELD-I FOUND THE VSS Manuals----------does anybody need them-I WILL COPY Them for you thank you....LEE daniel (SCORCH) Perry
lee scorch  [bentmonkeycage-AT-aol.com]  http://hometown.aol.com/poppacootch/bentmonkeycagepagebegin0.html  11/07/2004 05:37
there's one eBay right now http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3767080146&fromMakeTrack=true
Logrithmic  [Logrithmic-AT-earthlink.net]  www.Logrithmic.com  12/03/2004 10:54
This is a great keyboard its fun to make a sample then put it as your automated bassline. you can get the crazy 8 sec sample. YOu can make this sound like vintage tape synths in a way too by sampling organic like things.
BoB MACKIE  [macker-AT-indiemail.com]  09/15/2005 12:25
I could KICK myself for not picking one of these up for $10 at a thrift store 5 years ago. Stupid!
Jesse  [jessegunnell-AT-hotmail.com]  10/12/2005 11:22
Can someone explain why the VSS is listed in the CASIO section?
Lee Borrell  [templarseries-AT-aol.com]  http://members.aol.com/templarseries/synths.html  10/10/2006 05:28
I have one of these for sale in new condition with manual and original power supply. £50
Vert  [noisengine-AT-hotmail.com]  08/13/2007 01:32
hello i have one of these keyboards but got now idea how i can sample... could somebody help me please??
oli  [muell.bonn-AT-gmx.de]  02/10/2008 09:42
I have one, and it just died! Noo! I'm cryingggggg ahhhhh!
NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!  [rgs_451-AT-yahoo.com]  08/23/2008 09:05
could it be that the vss-100 only has monophonic sample playback (i.e. I can't seem to play chords with the sample)?
jscan  [jscan-AT-web.de]  09/06/2008 07:24
I just picked one of these up at thrift store for $12...Not sure what i want to do with it, maybe sell it, maybe circuit bend, mabe just keep it as is. Its pretty cool just as a keyboard.
Ian  [iansyoung-AT-gmail.com]  06/23/2009 09:53
anyone want to purchase mine?
dan  [iceskatequeen-AT-hotmail.com]  08/25/2009 03:55
I picked up a VSS-100 bent by class a electronics of somewhere in northern Florida for $80. After much frustration I realized that he only bent the sampling section, which in the end was the part of the keyboard where bending yielded the most possibilities. But like others have said the standard part of the keyboard sounds quite good, with just the right amount of cheese as my 3rd board (Roland X6 and Prophet 08 handle standard and analog synth stuff respectively). I am surprised that this is listed as "extremely rare", because demand is modest to low at best. If so, anyone want to do an even trade for a VS-30 or VS-200 in good condition and unbent?
Paul Dembinski  [dwemmy-AT-hotmail.com]  09/18/2009 04:00
This was the first of the VSS sampling keyboards, released in 1985. Soon after that, Yamaha released the VSS-30 in 1987 and then the VSS-200 in 1988. So this keyboard represents the very early stages of Yamaha's AWM Tone Generator Sampling System, which was later used in many other Yamaha products.
Alex Andersson  [casiosk1-AT-yopmail.com]  11/25/2009 05:38
Just picked one up for 50 bucks, which now completes my trilogy of VSS models (all mint-condition). I think the VSS-100 is the most versatile of the VSS range as it boasts all those features mentioned above, that the other two simply don't have. I think buying it for those reasons alone make it worth adding to anyone's 8-bit sampling rig. All the VSS samplers are beautifully executed instruments for those on a budget and the VSS-100 is no better or worse than the rest... although I have to say that I think it's the ugliest of the three.
Alex Andersson  [casiosk1-AT-yopmail.com]  02/05/2010 09:04
And steved is correct... the maximum sample time for this VSS model is 8 seconds (at a much reduced bitrate)
Alex Andersson  [casiosk1-AT-yopmail.com]  02/05/2010 09:08
I still have one for sale if anyone is interested.
portland, or  [iceskatequeen-AT-hotmail.com]  07/02/2010 12:06
I didn't notice if anyone mentioned this or no, but the one Major drawback to this is that it DOES NOT LOOP and the samples (up to four splits or one long sample) would only playback MONO (one sample at a time, with no overlapping). However there is a ton of fun to be had by assigning the sample to bass accompaniment and letting it loop with the beat while slamming the volume in and out, and playing keys as well. But I loved my SK-1 (it died on me recently, I got it from a thrift store called Value Village in Pasadena, Texas for US $3.03 a year after my friend found one at the same store for the same price, both written in crayon on the front of the unit) because it could loop playback of up to 4 notes(octaves work best as it halves or doubles the speed of the sample). If you are a loop junky this keyboard is probably not for you.
U8Jeff  [jeff.roye-AT-gmail.com]  09/13/2010 01:42

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