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Yamaha VSS-200

David Waldman (dwaldman61@cox.net) writes:

This is perhaps the strangest of Yamaha's portatone series, and definitely the rarest. I also own its little sister, the VSS-30, which surprisingly has a few features the VSS-200 doesn't, including a mini sequencer, vibrato, and ability to affect the instrument sounds without sampling them first.

However, true to their quirky nature, this latter feature is precisely what makes the VSS-200 so unique. You can capture any of the 100 (awful) onboard tones into the unit's sampler, and then run the resulting tone through the 9 DSP effects: loop, u-turn, reverse, FM, AM, fuzz, echo, level and pitch; many in combination. You may then layer as many additional sounds into the built-in microphone for some real fun grime cheez. Plus, there's a real ADSR that's fully adjustable.

Happily, there's no automatic power off like there is on the lesser models, so you need not worry about losing your sample after 7 minutes of non-use. Lots more fun than an SK-5, with many more options. Dunno if it can be easily circuit-bent though...

Case is handsome, functional, and easy to navigate. Overall, a lo-fi wet-dream come true. Worth looking out for. A nice addition to your dairy section.

Download the Yamaha VSS-200 MANUAL!


scott  [scooosh-AT-aol.com]  04/15/2003 01:25
These may be rare in the USA but they ain't rare in the UK. I had four until quite recently when i circuitbent them all and sold em. The sampling on the VSS200 just doesn't sound as 'hard' as it does on the VSS30 even though the loop function and u-turn/reverse functions are a lot better. I'd still go for the VSS30 every time if i could get hold of one. Cheers Paul
Crustypaul  [info-AT-circuitbenders.co.uk]  http://www.circuitbenders.co.uk  04/29/2003 05:54
Experts, Is the yamaha sk-100 new? (can you tell I'm new at this?!); how old is that particular model (sk-100); someone's trying to sell one to me...is it worth 100 US dollars? Need quick response to email address. Thanks.
OC  [deborah.mauldin-AT-fema.gov]  05/19/2003 08:11
Hello! my english is not very well, sorry! Long time ago, i hat the same yamaha vss-200keyoard, it was my first keyboard, and if any one have it one to sold please contact by mail!!!! (look at my emailadress) greetings Leon. P.s: Everyone who wants s cheaper sampling mashine, take a look on the yamaha djxII i bout it by an musicalstore about 1year ago (price: €199,-- about 200$) but ist always again a new modell!
Leon  [Leon.4-AT-web.de]  -  09/22/2003 11:51
Hi! Look at this link! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2565896348&category=38070 Greetings! Leon
Leon  [Leon.4-AT-web.de]  -  10/20/2003 02:07
Check out eBay and search by seller "jonnena". Starting price was $9.99 with NO RESERVE!
Jon  [jstoddard-AT-memphispolice.org]  11/24/2003 09:19
I WON IT! been wanting one for yrs! YAY ME!
shNON "SINoBYTE" Elliott  [braindead-AT-zombiecentral.com]  11/29/2003 01:19
There is one being sold on eBay right now (01/25/04) http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3700270721
Greg  [the_oriole-AT-hotmail.com]  01/25/2004 01:58
does anyone own a manual to the yam.vss-200? if so, please contact me at email above..thanks so much..(by the way this keyboard is so much fun! free and easy! much more so if i had the manual.
Christopher  [kiddchill-AT-hotmail.com]  02/22/2004 02:00
DUDES can u use this on a computer?
BorderBound  [jo_unplugged-AT-hotmail.com]  04/09/2004 02:16
Hy @ all the fans of the yamaha vss-200! Ar first sorry, my english is not very good! Long time ago (about 15years) my parants bought me the yamaha vss-200 at christmas, this was in the year 1998!! After 2years i sold it and buy a lot of keyboards (psr-38 psr-400 psr-530 and last summer the psr-550) But one month ago, i saw an auction by ebay (sorry for commercials ;-)) then i bid until 35€ (about 34 Dollars) +ship cost 20€, At last week on friday it cames, and now i have an retro-flash ;-)) Old feelings comed true!!! I will never sold this bord!!! one tip: look @ ebay or at forum(s) Greetings! leon.
Leon  [Leon.4-AT-web.de]  04/20/2004 04:37
hey....stupidos....go buy one! You'll be selling it within a week. It was crap when it was new,....and crap today. DONT BE FOOLED! lol!!!....you'llllll seeeeee.
Sentari  [nemo-AT-hotmail.com]  06/18/2004 03:00
I have both the VSS 30 and VSS 200 and ill tell yeh once you get one dont let go ! I love both of them .
The Mossit  [PAULOWEN303-AT-aol.com]  08/11/2004 12:29
I will put one for sale on e-bay pretty soon!!! Just look to yamaha vss-200... Or just e-mail me if really you want it?? Thank you!!!
luc  [newluckystar2003-AT-yahoo.com]  08/19/2004 10:48
I have 1 for sale!!!ON E-BAY.... Title: Yamaha VSS-200 $$$EXTREMELY RARE $$$Voice Sampler Item # : The item number for your new listing is 3744115388. URL: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3744115388
luc  [newluckystar2003-AT-yahoo.com]  08/23/2004 11:32
http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=38091&item=3745136449&rd=1&ssPageName=WD2V Check it out
Ian Kirk-Ellis  [ian"at"kirk-ellis.freeserve.co.uk]  http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=38091&item=3745136449&rd=1&ssPageName=WD2V  08/30/2004 12:50
Hi to you all yamaha old keyboards series! Today is 25 October 2004,and I have just bought one of those extremely rare keyboards,here in Portugal,just for 10 Euros(don´t know how much it is in dollars..etc..) which for me is a very cheap price.I bought it in a place called "feira da ladra" which means "the thieves fair" :P.There you can find the most uninmaginable things at a very very cheap price.. Of course you should be carefull about what you buy(test it before,if not don´t buy if you don´t trust).There are many things that simply don´t work,and it´s non retournable because there´s no guarantee(many of the objects are simply ´borrowed´for someone). Since i go there i´ve seen the most strange and rare things for sale,like a Zx-Spectrum a Commodore Amiga or a Megadrive.Cell Phones(all suspected of being ´borrowed´from someone :P.Playstation 2 Games brand new(2004 games - not isos!driver 3,etc),still wrapped in plastic for sale at 15,30 Euros. I´m getting married tomorrow,26 September.I´m going in a cruise(boat trip)around mediterranean sea,and will return 11 October.Until then:Hasta la vista! :) Ps:I love the Seventies and the Eighties,i´m very nostalgic because some things last forever,like Yamaha Old Keyboards ;) Bye.
SeventhSerpent  [SeventhSerpent-AT-lycos.com]  09/25/2004 02:03
Just put this up; http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3766342901 Anyone interested, will post overseas!
Gareth Brown  [wonea-AT-myrealbox.com]  http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3766342901  11/30/2004 06:49
Hi I've just acquired a vss-200 synth and would like some instructions for it. Can anybody help? Thanks
dave smith  [d.smith118-AT-ntlworld.com]  12/08/2004 05:17
A mate of mine is considering selling his VSS-200 (for the right price). Is anyone interested?
George  [george-AT-geoffreytew.co.uk]  12/15/2004 07:47
sling me en e-mail if u want my vss-200, good condition, with power supply and battery cover but no box. billy bob
chris pratt  [trunksout-AT-yahoo]  01/06/2005 06:48
Does the Yamaha VSS-200 retain a sample when turned to "off" like the Casio SK-5? So far I think no.....(doing research).....I have not discovered a way to retain a sample on the machine just yet.....is there another battery compartment I don't know about....?....if in fact it does NOT retain a sample...????...what are other folks work-arounds?......get a cool sample thing going on the VSS and then save it to > ___________(fill in the blank with some other machine)...... please e me or post answer within this forum. Cameron Sore
Cameron Sore  [thetarbeach-AT-hotmail.com]  01/15/2005 03:37
This truly is a piece of digital heaven that fell down to earth. :) I saw one for sale on a dutch auction site and bought it...40 euro...it will make a great companion to my rapman, my VL-Tone and my SK-1.
Bastiaan van de Werk  [bazziman-AT-hotmail.com]  02/02/2005 07:20
Hi all, I have one for sale; it's in mint condition. Email me for further info! BTW I live in The Netherlands.
René  [theflesh-AT-lycos.com]  03/04/2005 12:35
Hey I just bought one of these on eBay. It's no way near as good as the SK1 or SK5 though. Does anyone know any good circuit bends for this? In fact any good circuit bends for any sampling keyboard would be appreciated. If I can't bend it I might sell it. Actually I might sell it if I can bend it. I'm getting into this customised toy keyboard lark! Cheers. Will
Will  [will-AT-buddhacity.org]  03/09/2005 07:01
Hi all! I need the manual and instructions for the VSS-200 given to me by a relative. Thankso so much if anyone can help. 03/20/05 1650
D. Ashwood  [Delysia7-AT-comcast.net]  03/20/2005 04:48
Found one on the internet, bought it, played with it for a few days and sold it again (to raise funds for a casio SK-60). I don't like this keyboard, cheap sounds, lots of possibilities to work with your sample, but none to store it. Tried to connect it to a Velleman Kit, very simple sampler for € 25,- (www.velleman.be) worked fine but all I got was a sk-5, and I alredy have one.
Jan Dijkstra  [dijkstraj-AT-hotmail.com]  www.jandijkstra.tk  04/22/2005 05:38
I need a volume control for a Yam VSS 200. Anyone know where I can get one?? (Tried Maplin but they don't have one same size). Anyone know it's resistance value ?
Peter Williams  [pgw-AT-f2s.com]  05/01/2005 04:33
Hi I've just acquired a vss-200 synth and would like some instructions for it. Can anybody help? Thanks
jimmy  [jkeenan-AT-pkc.gov.uk]  05/30/2005 04:11
Here's a VSS-200 just listed in my ebay store: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=7327017397 Please bookmark my store link above....I often have many of the keyboards on this site for sale along with manuals, parts and whatever else I may have. The Casio SK-1, SK-10, SK-8, SK-200, SK-5 and the Concertmate clones have all been there before, as well as the Yamaha VSS-30 and VSS-200. I also love many of the non-sampling mini keyboards, like the Casio MT-400V and Yamaha PSS-480. Thanks for reading! - GKS
Gary Stilwell  [gstilw5150-AT-aol.com]  http://stores.ebay.com/SYNTHAPSE  05/30/2005 11:53
Dear Everyone, Good news.. I found where Yamaha keep all of their old manuals. You can obtain the full manual for ANY Yamaha keyboard at: http://www.yamaha.co.jp/manual/english/index.php Go to the page and enter your model number (vss-30, vss-200, etc...) into the MODEL NAME box then click "Search." Manuals come as downloadable .pdf files which require Acrobat Reader (free) to read (for those who didn't know that ;-)) There is no charge for this service. If anyone knows of a similar resource for Casio keyboard manuals, please let me know! Love, Christophe.
Christophe  [cj.mckay-AT-ntlworld.com]  http://www.yamaha.co.jp/manual/english/index.php  08/23/2005 09:25
Hello I have A Yamaha VSS-200 in very good condition including manual and adapter tosell. I live in France, but i can ship international. If you're interested, you can contact me.
sink  [sinkmusic-AT-hotmail.com]  10/02/2005 07:22
Hi, I have just dug out a vss-200 that I've had for years and I don't want it anymore. Contact me if you are interested in buying it. Thanks
Dale  [me-AT-dalegilbert.co.uk]  10/17/2005 09:37
located Birmingham, UK
Dale  [me-AT-dalegilbert.co.uk]  10/17/2005 09:37
Hello! I would like to know how the VSS 200 makes the sounds:when one sound is recorded you can obtain all the do-ré-mi-fa-sol-la-si-do(you say perhaps A-B-C-D-E-F-G I am French and not good at English). All the sounds are converted using their frequency. If somebody knows the functioning please tell me everything
Anonymous  [mariecreyx-AT-free.fr]  12/19/2005 06:11
I am in need of an operations manual for a Yamaha Portatone PSR-3 electronic keyboard....or information as to why my volume control does not work (speaker is fine).
Missy  [opalsky-AT-pennswoods.net]  01/15/2006 11:16
I need a Vss 200 to complete my collection, as I already have the 30 and 100. I love them, want a 200, help a poor boy out, someone!!
Rev Bucky  [Yobucky-AT-msn.com]  01/25/2006 03:58
Yo Bucky, i can get you a 200. I'm willing to part with mine cos i just got sold my soul and got a sampler! How much you willing to pay?
Albert Trosse    01/30/2006 05:54
Hi, I bought my VSS-200 on eBay (29€). I love it!
Marko Ettlich    www.retrosound.de  02/24/2006 03:52
I got a circuit bent VSS-200 for sale if anyone is interested. YOu can check pictures at www.sillons.org/vss/ Basically I used a 16x2 matrix to alter the sound.
SillonS  [contact-AT-sillons.org]  www.sillons.org/vss  03/08/2006 09:33
I'll be placing a Yamaha VSS-200 is very good condition, with the original user's manual and a PDF of the manual on Ebay tonight, 3/18/2006. Search for it under "tradeinstyle". I'll have lots of great pics there too. Good Luck bidding!
Rick  [Tradeinstyle-AT-yahoo.com]  03/18/2006 01:26
hello keyboard lovers!!!! - i have five of this machines. ha ha ha ha ha
mr keyboard    07/14/2006 03:54
here is on ebay rignt now
Anonymous  [spiralox7-AT-yahoo.com]  11/14/2006 07:32
its sucks that there is only 4 polyphony when playing samples. My sk 60 has 12 polyphony.
david  [mepeter-AT-yahoo.com]  12/06/2006 07:44
RANDOM LOOP GENERATOR  [randomloop.generator-AT-ntlworld.com]  12/23/2006 04:26
i got a vss 200 it's the best sampler keyboard i've played :) anyone interested in buying it, just e-mail me with some offers
neil  [neil.fricker-AT-virgin.net]  03/17/2007 12:49
I bought a brand new Yamaha VSS-200 back in 1988 it's still as new never been played complete with manual mains lead. I am willing to sell to anyone who makes the right offer. Just email me and we can talk about the price. I am in Guildford in the UK.
Christopher Campion  [christopher.campion-AT-googlemail.com]  03/18/2007 07:36
Hi all! I've got a VSS200 for sale if anyone is interested. It's in full working condition and can be shipped worldwide! One just went for 60€/80US$ so I guess that's +/- what I'm looking for. Just email me if you are interested :-) Thanks!
tim  [tim-AT-pureavalon.com]  05/15/2007 04:09
My son owns a Yamaha PSR-38 but some of the keys don't want to play. When you press them no sound comes out. Can someone tell me where I can find a store that I can buy spare parts. Also my chance can anyone tell me what could be the problem. I live in Belize Central America.
Rick Rosalez  [rickrosalez-AT-yahoo.com]  05/28/2007 02:30
Hi all!, I have a VSS-200 and a PSS-100 for sale, both in working condition. I am based in Cambridge, UK.
steve greenham  [steveg-AT-mail2dance.com]  06/10/2007 05:26
There is a mint one on ebay UK now guys.
Rick  [rick.hathaway-AT-bt.com]  08/20/2007 03:26
stacy   [stacyp-AT-optonline.net]  10/24/2007 08:30
Hi, I need to know how much is the price of a yamaha VSS-200 used? thanks
Gil  [gilbertocruzmejia-AT-hotmail.com]  11/06/2007 06:16
Hi, I've just listed my VSS-200 in Ebay. The Sampler is near mint and is perfectly working. Just look for Ebay-Member 'Sletman'
Michael  [m.schletter-AT-ANDDONTSPAMgoldmail.de]  12/02/2007 05:23
i have a vss200, and don't mind parting from it if anybody wants to buy it. it's first owner and new condition. fr.gr. sunny
sunny pedaal  [leo.lydia-AT-wanadoo.nl]  01/08/2008 07:37
some music made with a VSS-200 here at my website. we're looking for more contributors, so anyone with some nice demos featuring any of the keyboards on this website please get in touch! bleepfiend@gmail.com
Gutter  [gutterbreakz-AT-hotmail.co.uk]  http://www.bleepfiend.co.uk/bleepfiend/  06/10/2008 01:58
Yamaha VSS200 for sale. All in working order. No manual, but you can download one. Anyone interested?
Nora Batty  [kasmally26-AT-yahoo.co.uk]  01/18/2009 09:17
i am looking for a vss-200. does anyone have one for sale. i live in detroit, mi
daniel zott  [daniel.tgf-AT-gmail.com]  www.thegreatfiction.com  03/13/2009 12:48
i really want a vss-200. could someone please email me and sell me one? i live in austin cmon thanks
ian   [ian-AT-austinworldmusic.com]  05/09/2009 01:15
Good answer, I am looking for the solution of the same question. Find the movies or mp3 you are looking for at search-ebook.com the most comprehensive source for free-to-try files downloads on the Web
astora  [Nataxa-AT-mail.ru]  05/23/2009 09:25
I recently purchased a VSS-200 on eBay. It works fine, with original mic. Not what I was expecting, if anyone is interested in it, drop me a line! More interested in trading for another sampler keyboard of the same family (casio / yamaha).
Cubilas  [djal.cubilas-AT-gmail.com]  http://dsrp.we.bs  06/28/2009 10:47
i sell VSS-200 on eBay does some one like it ?
desnos  [bob.desnos-AT-gmail.com]  09/04/2009 07:04
Amazing how many of these things there are around - at least in the UK. I just bought an incredibly minty on one ebay. I like it a lot. A completely different machine to the SK5, which I've had for years and loved. I love having 4 octaves to play with and actually contrary to the above I think some of the onboard sounds are pretty cool - particuarly at low registers. The sampling effects are pretty bizarre but you can get some amazing sounds out of it. It makes me sad that this didn't exist in 1986 when I was bought a Casio MT-500 (You could google it, but I'll explain: a casio keyboard of about this size but with no sampling and seriously poor sounds (the one with four hexagonal yellow drumpads on it). This has a lot more possibilities.
delicado  [jonnyp-AT-gmail.com]  11/16/2009 06:37
Hi guys - just picked up one of these bad boys the other day since my friends mum threw out my vss 30 - what a joke!!! im really impressed with it but i hate that you have to sample the built-in sounds in order to manipulate them, losing lots of sound quality. oh well can't have it all. Was just wondering if anyone knew what type of connecter to use for the line-in mic option as can't figure it out? cheers
fergus  [fergrapid-AT-gmail.com]  www.fergrapid.com  01/24/2010 07:42
somebody knows if the Yamaha VSS-200 can keep the samplers that u have recorded inside when u turn off the keyboard? like the casio sk-8 and sk-5 do? thanks
mau  [chaqway-AT-hotmail.com]  01/31/2010 03:21
I have one of these and I think it's the best of the VSS range, although the VSS-30 does sound a lot nicer. The standout feature of any VSS keyboard is the fact that all effects are performed in real time (ie: instantly) whilst the Casio range of samplers take anywhere from 3 to 6 seconds to apply the effect. For live performances, the VSS keyboards are by far the most versatile and responsive. I'm going to saw off the speaker ends so that the sides are flat and I'm installing cheek ends finished in a lovely walnut woodgrain. I've found the one downside to owning a VSS-200 is that the casing can be very flimsy and fragile, so extra care must be taken when transporting the unit around the place. The VSS-100 is the strongest in the range, whilst the VSS-30 is just as tough.
Alex Andersson  [casiosk1-AT-yopmail.com]  02/09/2010 08:22
@mau... No, the VSS-200 does not hold a sample. Not even with backup power.
Alex Andersson  [casiosk1-AT-yopmail.com]  02/09/2010 08:37
I want to download manual of a yamaha EL25 ORGAN WHERE DO I GO FROM HERE
GORDON MAXWELL  [gordonmaxwell-AT-optusnet.com.au]  www.yamaha.co.jp/manual/english/index.php  08/20/2010 07:52
i have a VSS-200 for sale.mint condition, original box and original instruction manual[pretty much unopened]. if any one is interested in making an offer, i'm located in England and can find out cost of shipping etc. if no replies within 5 days, it'ill be on ebay.theres one there at the moment but they are looking for £100.00 ono, maybe thats a good deal though. with me, all offers considered.cheers
david  [daithipim-AT-yahoo.co.uk]  08/27/2010 08:21
Went to a car boot sale at Guisbrough/Middlesbrough/UK this morning and got a mint condition/original box VSS200 for £5 lol, to be honest id never heard of one so when i seen it i quickly looked it up and my iphone. Come to think of it i didn't haggle or i might of got it for £3 ? lol
cane creek  [tyronepower-AT-btinternet.com]  http://www.canecreek.co.uk/  09/12/2010 08:40
hello, if you have one of these for sale, contact me! i live in scandinavia but post man pat travels anywhere!
mghkla  [morearchives-AT-gmail.com]  10/03/2010 10:13
I'm looking for one of these and live in New York. email me! Thanks!
Paul Weller  [wellersthe-AT-yahoo.com]  01/03/2011 06:54
I have one of these for sale in immaculate condition in original box. The box is pretty bashed but the Keyboard is pristine. drop me an email - thanks!
Kris Millar  [kmillar99-AT-hotmail.com]  02/16/2011 07:10
I have a VSS-200 for sale. Full working condition, no box or power supply but the supply can be sourced easily. I have the instruction manual from a download. I may put this on Ebay in the future but thought I'd post on here first to see if anyone is interested. Not sure on a price. Anyone interested? Can ship worldwide
Anne-Marie   [a_m_fleming-AT-yahoo.com]  07/10/2011 10:31
I have a VSS-200 for sale. Mint condition. Boxed with UK power supply and manual. If anyone is interested, please contact me.
Shubunkin53  [thehammonds-AT-talk21.com]  08/08/2011 12:18
I have a VSS-200 for sale. Excellent condition with UK power supply and manual. Make me an offer!!
Steve Garton  [stevejgarton-AT-lineone.net]  11/19/2011 07:30
Have a VSS-200 for sale. No power adaptor but believe these are reasonably easy to purchase. Perfect working order but dusty and scratched. Anyone interested please get back to me ASAP. Thanks.
Amanda  [amandadonnelly-AT-sky.com]  12/04/2011 04:33
What's the difference between the Yamaha PSS and VSS series. I have a Yamaha PSS-480 MusicStation if anyone is interested.
Marlene  [superphonicdz-AT-yahoo.com]  10/12/2012 03:12
Hey guys I got a YAMAHA VSS200 FOR SALE, IT WORKS PERFECT, it has power adaptor... Make offers
jose espinosa  [joseespinosacardenas-AT-gmail.com]  01/08/2013 11:30
Selling a mint condition VSS-200 in New York City. Email me if you're interested.
Peter  [lbkln25-AT-gmail.com]  02/27/2013 09:43
Selling an VSS-200 in West London, has one missing black key and no power adapter but should work okay. Email me if you're interested. Thanks
Mike  [mike_Dig-AT-hotmail.com]  02/28/2013 02:13
i have just listed a VSS-200 on ebay if anybody is interested, just type into the ebay search bar VSS-200 and it will be on the first page, it is the only one on there and you have about 9 and a half days to bid for it. Good luck with your bidding and i hope is goes to a good home
rory  [roryrav-AT-gmail.com]  eBay  04/04/2013 01:06
Hello I'm looking for a VSS-200 let me know if you can part with yours thanks - Mar
Mar  [soakingrasps-AT-gmail.com]  09/05/2013 05:50
I have one for sale in good nick. :-)
Tim Lloydsmith  [timlloydsmitb-AT-hotmail.co.uk]  www.timlloydsmith.com  11/26/2013 03:33

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