Yamaha VSS-30
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Yamaha VSS-30
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Yamaha VSS-30 Manual

Yamaha's competetor to the SK-1. Samples sound a LOT better than SK-1 samples when sampled via the built in condenser mic. Very fun keyboard which can make some wicked cool sounds!
  • Allows combining/overwriting of samples
  • ASDR envelope can be applied to sounds/samples
  • 'Effects' can be applied to sounds/samples including Reverse, Echo, Fuzz, Freq. Modulation, Amp. Modulation, U-Turn, Loop at various levels/values.
  • Built in arpeggiator with 12 preset "rythyms". This is fun!
  • 11 preset sounds (all are fairly lame, but can be tweaked to hell)
  • No drums or drum patterns (!)

    Download the Yamaha VSS-30 MANUAL!


    These are very popular. Bummer there is no percussion, but the amount of tweaking possible makes up for it.
    Tony Mason    www.tonymason.com  05/13/2002 12:37
    if anyone reading this has this keyboard, I want to buy it from you. Please let me know how you feel about this asap. Thanks so much. MD
    M.D.  [ihatwinter-AT-hotmail.com]  07/19/2002 07:40
    I have a yamaha vss-30. How much are yo willing to pay for it?
    Gabbi    07/25/2002 11:10
    Hello everyone, I'm wanting to do some simple and tweekable sampling. If anyone has one of these boards for sale drop me a line. Thanks, Stephen
    Stephen  [arch996677-AT-collegeclub.com]  08/25/2002 12:56
    Wrong- You can overwrite more than 2 samples!- The sound just gets noisier and more mushy. I rekon the vss30 is the best toy-sampler of the lot-way better than the sk-1 ;-) This is a really COOL instrument!!!! Sound quality is more akin to an Emulator and/or Fairlight- just with more noise. The synthesis section is wicked and will affect the internal sounds as well as the samples. If you turn the frquency modulation on then off, then turn on the vibrato, you can adjust the vibrato speed with the data entry buttons- 2 types of FM!! The vss30 also responds very well to circuit bending producing all kinds of ring modulation and distortion types, as well as frequency doubling etc. etc. All in All this keyboard is far too versatile with too many hidden tricks to mention here. I will *NEVER* part with my vss30 (which cost me £1 from a boot sale- the English equivelent of a garage sale!!!) If anybody wants to contact me, log on to Yahoo Groups' "SK-1" list- it's way more fun :-)
    Tom    11/04/2002 02:21
    This machine rocks hard. I laughed at the Sk1 buyers in the late 80's. I picked mine up at a TARGET store! How's that for a gem hiding among thorns? What no one mentions is the ability of the Vss30 to replicate the sound of the old Mellotrons. Just sample a choir or cello from the lin-in and voila, you have Melotron. VERY< VERY< VERTY cool little keyboard.
    Matt    12/24/2002 11:02
    If anyone has a vss-30 or a later model that they want to get rid of, Please e-mail me @ antmacabre@yahoo.com You would make my year
    ant  [antmacabre-AT-yahoo.com]  02/08/2003 04:05
    hey ive been looking for this keyboard for awhile....if anyone has a yamaha vss 30, let me know, i want one badly, we can discuss a price, let me kno at scooosh@aol.com
    scott  [scooosh-AT-aol.com]  04/13/2003 03:44
    Nice unit - just found one available locally ($110). One question: Was this not designed to save samples after being turned off? Mine doesn't.
    bill  [bills-AT-invertepet.com]  05/03/2003 03:41
    i am looking for a vss-30 please drop me a line if you have one to sell to me... i would love you forever.
    matt  [mpaulton-AT-mac.com]  www.blueroom.ca  05/12/2003 01:30
    I saw one today on a fleamarket for 40$ but i did´nt buy it.. next time i will. I also bought a casio sa21 for 0,5$ peace out.
    Frej  [ministerium-AT-spray.se]  www.smk.just.nu  06/22/2003 11:53
    this is crazy... i got mine at goodwill for two dollars. i got a casio 310 *wood paneling?!* recently as an upgrade, i don't use mine much. email me if you'd be interested in paying more than i did for it.
    Justin  [letdowntourist-AT-yahoo.com]  07/01/2003 10:11
    Well, I am lucky. I am a canadian living in japan and i just bought a VSS-30 for a mere 35$US. It hasnt been delivered yet (Yahoo Auctions Japan) but Ive downloaded the manual from Yamahas Old Manuals page. I swear, if you are innarested in collecting old keyboards, Japan is the place to be. In the last 3 months I bought a Yamaha FB-01, a yamaha CS15, a roland juno 6 and a roland rs09, and the total I paid for four synths is 350$US - less than I bought my MS2000R for.
    DJ OTAKU  [superhappyrecords-AT-yahoo.com]  07/06/2003 06:07
    i have a vss-30 for sale in san francisco. make me an offer.
    foolish fish  [foolishfish-AT-earthlink.net]  07/11/2003 11:38
    These are becoming more and more popular I would guess largely because Jonsi from 'Sigur Ros' uses one and swears by it. I'm also trying to find one, but will hold out for one in the paper or cash generators to keep the cost down. I'd pay no more than £40 (uk) cos i'm skint.
    nick  [nick-AT-01458.com]  www.jaywalk.biz  07/16/2003 07:03
    haha, that's exactly why i've just got one, jonsi from sigur ros always namechecks the vss 30. can't wait for it to be delivered!
    chris    08/05/2003 03:28
    I love my VSS-30... I really want to circuitbend one, but I heard they weren't to bendable (compared to SK-1 at least) so I'm leaving well enough alone until I find another. It's especially great for noisy drum loops...you can really mess up the loop by repeatedly hitting the ping-pong reverse effect etc...
    Cementimental  [http://www.cementimental.com]  tim at spiteyourface dot com  08/17/2003 04:25
    do you lose the samples when you turn it off???
    wayne clark  [voltarobot-AT-voltaseven.com]  www.voltaseven.com  08/29/2003 08:30
    I just picked up one of these for $2 (!) at a thrift shop. I *love* it, but I've never used anything like this before, so I really don't know how to make the most of it. Sampling...? Would anyone out there be willing to share the manual with me? Thanks.
    dorothy  [dorothyk-AT-pwshift.com]  www.wellofstars.com  08/30/2003 06:00
    Contrary to popular belief, the Yamaha VSS models are all EXTREMELY good for circuit bending. They are just not as easy to do as the Casio SK's, so I think alot of people give up before finding the "sweet spots". I've bent several Yamaha VSS's. Mostly the 30 and 100 models. Feel free to contact me for more info. I bend and sell instruments every week, and am open to taking on custom projects by request.
    dustindustrial  [dustindustrial20-AT-aol.com]  http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/555/dustindustrial.html  09/04/2003 11:43
    I too am interested in buying one of these!!! If anyone is interested email me! Thanks!!!!!
    Philip  [penepenp-AT-hotmail.com]  09/13/2003 11:09
    I'm also interested in buying a VSS30, if anyone has one in good condition they are willing to sell for a not too outragous price e-mail me and I will be eternally grateful.
    Ben  [notorious_ben7-AT-hotmail.com]  09/17/2003 09:42
    I remember playing with a friend's VSS30 back in 1998, and I sat there for HOURS AND HOURS having fun with it...there's nothing better than making prank phone calls with a VSS30 near the receiver. Anyway, if anyone has one for sale, please let me know.
    Matt  [themutualfeelings-AT-hotmail.com]  09/22/2003 07:06
    I'm really looking for one of these. Please let me know if you have one for sell $100 range Thanks
    Adam  [swalz1-AT-hotmail.com]  11/12/2003 10:15
    you guys are rediculous. 5 years ago these things were fetching a whooping 3 dollars on ebay. But Sigur ROs comes around and mentions them, and all the sudden it's a fucking vintage instrument. My mother gave me one when i was age 8 and yes, it was a cool instrument. but 100 and above? Don't be absurd, people.
    Aaron Evans  [idealflaw-AT-hotmail.com]  11/14/2003 07:18
    Yeah, well, as soon as hip-for-now bands start name dropping anything, fools will fall in line. As long as someone ELSE makes it cool, first.
    Shmiddy    12/05/2003 09:03
    yes! this is the keyboard I had once, but I can't remember if I sold it or whatever might have happened. Anyway guys...keyboards of today, are so impersonal and Casio don't make so many different kinds of them. Or is it just nostalgia? Anyway, even though I had pro. tools later, I have come to the age where I am thinking about getting those keyboard that I wanted so much but usually couldn'tafford as a kid. So I am grateful to the creator of this site....made my remeber the good old days. hehehe. Have a good one folks! If any of you know if there are sites like this for other casio keyboards of the 80s, I would be happy to know. ‚Ç‚¤‚¼‚æ‚낵‚­‚¨Šè‚¢‚µ‚Ü‚·B
    Chris  [christian_most-AT-hotmail.com]  01/25/2004 11:51
    Been a fan of the VSS-30 for a long time. I still have mine and won't part with it. Oversampling, ADSR controls, internal FX. Even the voices can be modified. Everything I sample into it comes out new and inspiring. I can sit for hours with this thing. I always liked the Portasounds, but this is by far my favorite. You can even edit the lenght of your sample in it. Yeah it's old and 8 bit, but it still stands up. Great for noisy, beautiful sounds.. and I dug this thing before people started the hype..
    Everett Smith  [evsmith1167-AT-mac.com]  01/26/2004 01:08
    Yes, it looses its sound when you turn it off. Immediately after pressing the sample button you press a keyboard key to say at which quality it should record, like from 1.2s up to 3.x seconds, so you get real long samples, then press 'U-turn' and press 'loop', then usingADSR put a slow attack and some vibrato/amplitude modulation and you got fat pads. I also sampled drum loops... you cant get that 8bit sound with any other gear. I lost mine during a house move *sob* ..... I would buy one now for $50.
    tay  [tay-AT-aajohansen.bizland.com]  01/26/2004 03:59
    looking for a vss-30 if anyone has one to sell for a resonable price. ..pretty please?.
    halli  [h.gudmundsson-AT-lipa.ac.uk]  01/30/2004 09:53
    These ARE Fantastic. :D I got one aswell as a PSS-80 for more oldskool madness.
    Hamster Alliance  [hamsteralliance-AT-hotmail.com]  http://tha.trishock.com/  02/10/2004 08:04
    hi, i have a yamaha vss-30 in mint condition still in it's original box, that i am thinking of selling. i live in britain. any idea how much i can get for it?
    emma   [emma_compton-AT-hotmail.com]  02/16/2004 05:24
    i just got a vss-100 on e-bey for 20 squid. does anyone know if there is any real difference in the vss-30?.
    halli  [h.gudmundsson-AT-lipa.ac.uk]  02/20/2004 09:14
    Got mine for ten bucks when i was in eigth grade, some kid i knew was making industrial music with it. He parted with the item for ten dollars. I have used it many many many times since then. This baby shines when you run it into a nice clean pre-amp/d.i. box, to capture every detail of the grit it spits out, it really is just beautiful sounding. I wouldn't say this is a fluke because of sigur ros, i've been using it for years before with no mention of it from anyone else. I also second running choirs into it. Take all your other synth's and just run them into this baby, sample off middle c.....slightly overdriving the input... and your set for hours of fun.
    arit  [arit(-AT-)Digitalsoulution.com]  www.digitalsoulution.com  02/23/2004 07:54
    Well, responding to the query above, there are quite a few difference between the VSS-100 and 30. The 100 has 49 keys, a detachable mic, and about 25 FM tones/beats. No looping or FX. The 100 does have one cool ability that the 30 doesn't. You are able to put up to 4 samples in it and spread them out over 4 octaves on the keyboard. I remember using this feature all the time when I had it. It also has a LED bar that shows the level that you are recording into the unit. The 100 was my first unit. But I love the 30. I was lucky enough to score a second one.
    Everett Smith  [evsmith1167-AT-mac.com]  02/24/2004 10:50
    i have (2) sk1 and (1) sk5 available as well... make me an offer. I am in Toronto Canada.
    YAMAHA VSS-100 and Casio SK-8 for Sale!  [presents4thekids-AT-hotmail.com]  03/23/2004 04:13
    YAMAHA VSS-100 and Casio SK-8 for Sale! i have (2) sk1 and (1) sk5 available as well... make me an offer. I am in Toronto Canada.
    Puma Pants  [presents4thekids-AT-hotmail.com]  03/23/2004 04:14
    I just recently bought a VSS-30 and have had no experience with it or any other samplers. If anyone has cool tips, ideas, the manuel, or anything related to the keyboard, I would really appreciate an email. Thanks.
    James Mangan  [jmangan2-AT-emich.edu]  04/17/2004 12:21
    I had my VSS-30 recently stolen. If anyone is looking to sell thiers, contact me. I just bought and was really excited.
    james mangan  [jmangan2-AT-emich.edu]  04/23/2004 02:25
    The VSS-30 is definatly the best sounding of all the toy samplers. Theres just soumething magical about its 'bastard hard' sampling quality. If you want to circuitbend one just find the RAM chip (16 pin chip nest to the big control chip) and short the pins together as you play a sample. Instant sample grinding!
    crustypaul  [crustypaul-AT-hotmail.com]  http://www.circuitbenders.co.uk  05/09/2004 08:13
    There I go, searching my place in the row of willing buyers of the VSS-30. If anyone wants to sell his/hers, email me. Thanks.
    malte  [dersproedel-AT-gmx.de]  05/11/2004 11:06
    I would like to know how to bend my vss-30 can anyone give me some instuctions? Thanks.
    Boris  [boris-AT-borisc.co.uk]  http://www.borisc.co.uk  06/17/2004 09:44
    Shit instrument. I feel sorry for the dopes who lay out $$$ for them on Ebay. Then again..todays buyers..are tomorrows sellers...LOL
    Sentari  [nemo-AT-hotmail.com]  06/18/2004 02:57
    I have a VSS-30 sitting in my closet I might be willing to part with. It's a nice piece. I got it back when it came out.
    Chris  [theshogunz-AT-hotmail.com]  06/21/2004 09:46
    If anyone reading this has this keyboard, I want to buy it from you. Drop me a line if you have one to sell to me asap. I can pay $200 for it! Filip
    Filip Kalari  [compagniet1-AT-yahoo.se]  07/26/2004 09:35
    I also need help circuit bending my vss300. Many thanks.
    ernestrome  [earome-AT-y]  09/14/2004 09:36
    I need a vss-30 if anyone has one for sale please let me know! thank you I just wanna record musuic 24-7
    christine  [beanbag4200]  10/23/2004 02:42
    My friend has a VSS-30 that im sure he would be willing to get rid of for the right price. he just got a reason midi set up and hasnt touched the 30 in a while. If you are interested, email me and let me know what you would be willing to pay for it, and ill ask him.
    Mike  [accdnprone77atyahoodahtcom]  11/19/2004 01:49
    I just got mine new and I must say it's "cooler" then the sk-1 in many ways and I find myself using it more the the sk-1 or 5...and even 8. The best thing about it is there's so much space to bend it. I added midi and all kinds of things and still have space for more.
    Logrithmic  [Logrithmic-AT-earthlink.net]  www.Logrithmic.com  12/04/2004 02:46
    I stumbled across my VSS-30 in a skip in Clapham, London by pure chance! It was awaiting the Bin Men! Took over my life when i put some batteries in it and sussed out what it was capable of!
    George   [george-AT-geoffreytew.co.uk]  12/15/2004 06:39
    It's a great machine. I've been using one for over ten years now. Got mine in a pawn shop for about 40 bucks and it sounds so much better than any of the SK's i've owned. The AC adapter plug has a lose wire so I use batteries and notice a MUSCH cleaner sound with a fresh set of batteries than when plugged in. The textures are infinitely explorable. I always tried to convince folks it was a special machine but nobody took it seriously unless they heard it and the freq mod, etc. Wouldn't ever sell mine and I fear it's age and wear may make for a short life span so I only use it when I'm seriously recording and researching new sounds. I want to buy a brand new one in the box so I dont live in fear of my 30 dying on me some day because it's a statple in my sound and has been since I first laid hands on it. No, it does NOT save samples when turned off. That's normal. Overwriting is indefinite as far as I know. I always use three overlayed sounds but any more than that makes for pure noise. Good luck to those of you looking for one. They go great through FX processers like pedals, etc. It's incredibe.
    mooneyeOne    02/26/2005 01:34
    EXPERT TIP NO.1: For a better loop: Always start with a snare hit when sampling a beat.
    Liam Howlett    04/20/2005 06:53
    can someone tell me where to find manuals online. i love my 30 but wonder if there is something i can learn. i can send a sase w/$5 if someone makes a copy that resembles one. the same goes for the 200 series i want to sell or trade mine so it would be cool to have the manual to give along with it. thank you, mike
    mike  [bgo-AT-cpas.com]  04/20/2005 05:23
    Lookin for a vss 30 manual to download or hardcopy to buy.Thanks
    mike mattox  [drmattressfox-AT-yahoo.com]  n/a  05/09/2005 08:51
    Just got my VSS-30 off ebay, my manual off Yamaha's old manual site. I'm set. But does anyone have any tips that are NOT in the manual. Some of you seem to have some extensive experience with this machine that I would be grateful for. Thanks, Eric
    Eric Moser  [emoser-AT-rmfp.com]  05/25/2005 02:23
    I bought mine at a closeout sale at MACY'S on 34th Street 1988 if I recall, its been used for many a gig and been lugged back and forth across the country; its such a great little unit. I only wish I'd bought more then as they were on sale for $30, but that was a lot of money when I was a starving student. Can't give you any real tips, but just experiment with it and you'll find cool sounds.
    jim hildreth  [tesla69-AT-hotmail.com]  06/02/2005 04:17
    Can someone tell me how you can tour like Sigur Ros have with the VSS-30 and play songs requiring sounds from this unit without being able to save samples after you turn it off?
    Dante Jonze    06/24/2005 12:37
    its easy becuase he just records his own voice siging a note so its not that hard to do that before every show.
    seth    06/28/2005 07:24
    Liam Howlett    07/07/2005 10:55
    what happened to the link for the manual
    exquest    07/11/2005 11:25
    bfg    07/24/2005 09:23
    Hi! I'm looking too trade a Casio SK-5 (Concertmate 650) in perfect condition for a Yamaha VSS-30. I already own a Casio Sk-8 so I was looking to diversify. The Sk-5 is a great tool, stores up to 4 samples in non-volatile memory. Tweakability includes reverse, tune +/-, envelope, loop. Not as many FX as the VSS-30, but it also can hold 4 samples in memory that aren't erased on power down. Also, with highly Liquid's SKM midi kit, the SK-5 makes a great drum sampler as you can trigger all four sample pads via midi. Ok, thats my sale point.....if your interested contact me @ Plutonique9(At)hotmail.com <-replace (at) with @. I can provide many refernces and I'd hope for the same from any prospective traders. VSS-30 must be in good working condition, no dodgy circuit-bends etc. Ryan
    Ryan Palmer    http://launch.groups.yahoo.com/group/CasioSK/  09/21/2005 12:03
    I wish I still had mine.......I'd trade it to the guy above me for that Casio SK-5. Not that these ain't cool.....If I found another one for a fairly reasonable price....I'd be all over it....but these are bringing obscene amounts of cash! Once I was on Ebay, and I could've gotten an Akai S1000KB for not much more than the VSS-30 someone was selling........but I was too broke to buy either ): Would've went with the Akai.
    Jesse  [jessegunnell-AT-hotmail.com]  10/12/2005 10:30
    hi! i have a vss-30 , can any one tell me how can i had MIDI to it ? THANKS :)
    pedro  [[remove the this]microzip-AT-mail.pt]  www.plastic4records.com  10/20/2005 09:16
    yes just go to -> http://www.highlyliquid.com/ get the kit :)
    me  [me-AT-me.io]  www.plastic4records.com  11/02/2005 09:30
    Looking for one of this (only if right priced)!!!Does anyone knows if it has a built in sequencer? thanks!!!
    stiv  [stefanomucciarella-AT-hotmail.com]  11/22/2005 01:38
    Hi, I'm looking for one of these, and would be willing to buy one from someone who is willing to sell it! Also, if anyone knows of a good mod for this, please let me know. VERY interested in that. --Christina
    Christina Chatfield  [cchatfield-AT-berklee.net]  12/15/2005 05:28
    Hi i have found one in storage it's not perfect works okay , but's missing one button from playback. I looked in to it there is a whire witch can be connected bij me so that function works as well only with a little extra button on the board.
    marcello  [marco.diazoni-AT-hotmail.com]  12/25/2005 04:20
    yeah i want one of these bastards too. who has a vss-30?? ill buy it. also, anyone have a YAMAHA SK-20?! ILL BUY THAT TOO. these arent very common on ebay. email me!
    ben  [movezig-AT-hotmail.com]  01/05/2006 12:47
    Yo Ben. I have a VSS-30 to sell if you haven't got hooked up. Oh and P.S VSS-30's are the easiest things to use, ever! Who the fuck needs a manual all you clowns higher up on the message board
    The VSS King    02/06/2006 07:38
    The whiter your bread, the quicker your dead
    Collin Findlay    02/15/2006 11:14
    Yo if anyone was a Casio sk-1 or VSS-30 ill buy it . I dont need a fuckin manual either. write back at coitr4@aol.com thanks later
    Mark Coitrone  [Coitr4-AT-aol.com]  03/04/2006 12:51
    I've had this thing all my life. Literally. I just never researched anything about it until last year. I know everything about it, just email me if you need some tips.
    Billy  [godlike_doglike8-AT-hotmail.com]  03/07/2006 03:44
    I am looking for a VSS-30 in the UK, let me know! nickwest_@hotmail.com
    Nick  [nickwest_-AT-hotmail.com]  05/02/2006 06:01
    Desperately after a yamaha VSS30, willing to pay a fair price, let me know asap if you have one to sell! Cheers, Nick nickwest_@hotmail.com
    Nick   [nickwest_-AT-hotmail.com]  05/02/2006 06:12
    Hi there! At first, this is a great site with an even greater domain! Yiha! Second, the VSS-30 is definetly GREAT! And was my first sampling keyboard I got. Well, that is just 3 years now ago. But this is really great fun. Try to sample a really laughter and then let the demo run with the laughter. You'll then even more laugh! :-) So, good luck to all you in search for one! ciaOliver
    Oliver  [olivgrauNO-AT-SPAMweb.de]  http://www.maj.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=435  05/10/2006 07:28
    Hi, i am currently looking for someone to modify my Tr707 drum machine unit. I have seen several sites that have used cicuit bending techniques to get great sound, but most reside in the Australia, and U.K. I reside in the Toronto area. If any one knows of a place or person that offers circuit bending services and has experience modifying drum machines. please let me know. thanks
    dman  [davemues-AT-yahoo.com]  www.myspace.com/beekeepermuse  07/05/2006 10:32
    just wanted to say that this is a FUCKING INCREDIBLE little machine!! you can do some great things with it if you take the time to learn it:)
    lou  [soniclouth-AT-yahoo.com]  www.silenciorecordings.com  07/06/2006 08:50
    Lou  [soniclouth-AT-yahoo.com]  www.myspace.com/ceramicturtletheband  07/06/2006 09:20
    Anybody know where I can find a replacement white D key for a Yamaha VSS-30? I had a key broken off and lost at a gig or practice long ago. I am looking to replace it to bring the VSS-30 out of the closet and back to working life. Thanks for any info!
    Todd  [tjkoback**nospam**-AT-execpc.com]  08/07/2006 02:27
    Hi I'd like to buy a VSS-30 in GOOD working (and looking) condition @ honest price... p.s. I'm from Italy
    Fabio  [johnrozz_bc-AT-yahoo.it]  08/08/2006 08:14
    i've bought the vss-30 2 years ago. ok - maybe it's fun but i can't understand why everybody gets so mad about this toy. i've used it 2 times - now it's somwhere in my closet
    prawn    09/07/2006 07:02
    I am interested in purchasing a vss-30. If You have one, let me know so we can work sonething out.
    Elm  [sulkyirony-AT-hotmail.com]  09/15/2006 04:12
    Hi, I'm selling a VSS-30 in great condition. It's almost as new and of course in full working order. It comes with the original box, but without PSU. I leave in France. If you're interested please contact me so that we can make a deal.
    mungusid  [mungusid-AT-club.fr]  11/12/2006 03:23
    i juat found one today at goodwill for $6.99. and it is the coolest thing ive found in a long time.
    hippiejoe2  [hippiejoe2-AT-hotmail.com]  11/15/2006 12:51
    I'm selling a VSS-30.. UK.. If anyone's interested, send me an email with "YAMAHA VSS-30" as the subject - I get inundated with lovely spam.. so things get lost in the carnage..
    Nick  [muckqwaikerjawbreaker-AT-yahoo.co.uk]  01/25/2007 12:43
    Hi! I'm looking for a Yamaha VSS-30 & Yamaha SK20 If you have one, and like to sell it, please please contact me =) been looking for one for such a long time, you would make my day! Thanks! Jonas.w.karlsson@gmail.com
    Jonas  [Jonas.w.karlsson-AT-gmail.com]  02/02/2007 02:28
    Im looking to buy one. Shoot me an email if you are selling.
    Alex  [shredfusion -AT- hotmail.com]  02/19/2007 11:48
    This looks exactly like the keyboard I had in the late 1980's-early 1990's. I chose this keyboard specifically for its sampling capability. I happen to have some recordings of this instrument, mostly hymns. Unfortunately it fell apart. I also like the layering capability, my favorite layered samples being tenor recorder, soprano recorder, and penny whistle (low and high registers). Add the envelope generator, and it sounds just like a pipe organ in a cathedral. The effect was quite good for its price.
    Thomas Bailey  [Baker_Beach-AT-yahoo.com]  03/19/2007 04:01
    8 bucks, yard sale, this thing is way cool.
    jedd  [nocturnus88-AT-yahoo.com]  04/22/2007 11:34
    Hi, I've just put one up on eBay if anyone is interested. There is no reserve and a low starting price! Email me if you want the URL or do a search on eBay UK for 'Yamaha PortaSound VSS-30 - As New, Boxed with Manual'. Cheers, Steve
    Steve Stamper  [stevecstamper-AT-netscape.net]  05/27/2007 12:41
    Yamaha vss-30 circuit bent w/12point patch bay,midi,stereo out,reset button,speaker kill switch on ebay. //cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=005&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT&viewitem=&item=150129148634&rd=1&rd=1 sound and video examples at... //www.myspace.com/yamahavss30
    synthetic solace  [syntheticsolacemusic-AT-yahoo.com]  06/03/2007 02:19
    Good and working drumset in good condition for sale..email me if interested
    lana jones  [lana_jones_1-AT-yahoo.com]  08/04/2007 06:10
    looking to buy still! please email if you are selling
    Alex  [shredfusion-AT-hotmail.com]  08/08/2007 05:07
    Im selling a yamaha Sk20, if interested, mail me!
    Jonas  [jonas.w.karlsson-AT-gmail.com]  08/20/2007 10:31
    i have a casio sk 200 and a yamaha vss 30, they may be sold if any one wants to make an offer drop me an e mail
    mr bim  [makeshift_bim-AT-hotmail.co.uk]  10/03/2007 07:48
    looking to buy one in the us if anyone knows where i can find one or is anyone is selling shoot me an email! thanks!
    xander singh  [xandersingh-AT-mac.com]  10/31/2007 07:55
    Brilliant keyboard. Got one from a charity shop in the original box for £15 must be 5 years ago now. Well worth it, I've used it on countless recordings over the years. Great for anything from avante-garde sound collages to folk music! Unfortunately it's lost a few keys from gigging ( we had a german singer who managed to kill of several of my treasured casios through clumsiness!). Still just about works though. I used to make loops by putting an elastic band round the keyboard to hold the keys down!
    chad   [c5mason-AT-ccn.ac.uk]  www.myspace.com/teknikov  11/19/2007 11:39
    hello there, i want to buy a yamaha vss 30 or other ones from this late 80s yamaha series::: if you offer one to me just drop me a line; i need it very soon for a music tour, all the best from the cold icy berlin, marcel
    marcel tuerkowsky  [turkopf-AT-web.de]  myspace.com/marceltuerkowsky  11/25/2007 05:27
    I have a Vss 30 that i will be selling in the next two weeks on ebay. The only thing missing is the battery cover. Everything else works and i even have a power plug for it.
    Taz  [taztazt-AT-gmail.com]  myspace.com/tazamillion  11/26/2007 01:30
    Like other posters, I am also very interested in buying one of these. Let me know if you have one to sell, know anybody selling one, or can help me in any way. Thanks.
    David  [apantomime-AT-byu.net]  11/27/2007 04:32
    Has anyone got a VSS-30 that they are interested in selling or trading? Cheers! Dean.
    Dean Honer  [deanhoner-AT-blueyonder.co.uk]  www.imonstermusic.com  01/02/2008 08:48
    I am interested in buying a good condition VSS30 - any resonable price paid Thanks ! Mark
    Mark B  [mark-AT-futloop.demon.co.uk]  01/02/2008 04:25
    Yamaha VSS 30 ebay ends 14-Jan-08 21:27:39 GMT
    Yamaha VSS 30 ebay  [ebay-AT-ebay.com]  ebay  01/05/2008 03:37
    i have a yamaha vss200 in new condition , if anybody is interested in it, please mail fr.gr. sunny
    sunny pedaal  [leo.lydia-AT-wanadoo.nl]  01/08/2008 07:34
    derick ion  [derickion-AT-hotmail.com]  01/25/2008 12:23
    I just found one in almost perfect condition at Goodwill for 4 dollars... :)
    Lisa L  [lisareneelebeau-AT-yahoo.com]  04/20/2008 10:09
    I just found one in the DUMPSTER at my condominium here in Washington, DC. Does anyone know if it's compatible with Mac's "Garage Band"?
    David  [DCLoganBear-AT-mac.com]  04/24/2008 09:22
    I have a vss30.almost original good condition,the on/off switch is replaced by one different looking. if someone wants to buy it and/or also a casio sk1 with missing battery cover,please mail or call 0049531330292 .I´m here in germany
    Frank  [slumbody-AT-web.de]  05/07/2008 04:24
    I've had this vss-30 just lying around for years i didnt relieze until the other day that you could do so much with one. Well i have one listed on ebay at the moment with a broken casio SK-1, i dont know what is wrong with the sk-1 it worked completley fine last summer, but it may be fixable. If they dont sell i will relist both of the keybaords. I just stumbled across this forum and just wanted to let you guys know but yah just check it out. Thanks alot -DRew
    Drew Bramschreiber  [dbramschreiber0001-AT-kctcs.edu]  05/12/2008 02:00
    I have a Yamaha portasound VSS-30 that is in great condition. If anyone is interested, you can email me and I will send you a picture. I am in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Make me an offer! Kelly
    Kelly  [kpayne64-AT-shaw.ca]  05/13/2008 12:00
    I have a VSS-30 excellent condition,with an adapter. If interested, contact me.
    Maxie  [leart-AT-optonline.net]  07/12/2008 02:47
    I also have a PSR-2 Yamaha. (Anybody? Anybody?) However, the second black key is cracked but does work. (Superglue? but I dare not attempt to repair for fear of further damage.) Also comes with a plug-in adapter when at a loss for batteries. As with the VSS-30, I can provide a photo.
    Maxie  [leart-AT-optonline.net]  07/12/2008 03:06
    Hi I'm after a yamaha porta-sound VSS30, I live in Australia...any going closer to my home??? And do you just plug it into the apple/garage band? any help greatly appreciated
    jena  [majenamafe-AT-primusonline.com.au]  that-unsound.blogspot.com/  07/22/2008 12:57
    Love the VSS-30! If anyone is trying to get rid of theirs, LET ME KNOW! I have many other rare non-sampling keyboards for trade! Thanks! boatin . cold . drafts @ gmail . com p.s.-- WONDERFUL SITE!
    Alex  [Boatin.Cold.Drafts-AT-gmail.com]  08/06/2008 08:07
    I'm very, very keen to get my hands on a Yamaha VSS-30. Please let me know if you have one to sell that could find its way to London without too much trouble. Thanks.
    Tom  [buddylegal-AT-hotmail.com]  08/20/2008 02:20
    Hello.i m looking to buy one................email meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    george  [omioproject-AT-yahoo.com]  09/04/2008 09:44
    i have yamaha vss-30 porta sound whose sound ic an 7140 was fused out if anyone is having this ic...please let me know.
    sudheer geddha  [sudheerfreebird-AT-gmail.com]  09/05/2008 10:02
    if anyone has a Yamaha VSS-30 that they would like to part with, I'd be more than happy to buy it from them. I want one of these things ridiculously badly!!! I'm in Australia, and I don't mind shipping costs if they aren't too steep!! Email me if you got one, please!
    James  [Sonicheroes6-AT-hotmail.com]  09/28/2008 04:12
    was wondering if anyone had any info on bending a yamaha fb-01 or tg55, as i have these tone generators laying around and was interested in opening them up
    alex  [alexdatsko-AT-gmail.com]  www.jnabeats.com  10/28/2008 09:03
    Hey there, I'm from New Zealand and have been trying to get a hold of the Yamaha Portasound vss-30 but can't seem to get a hold of one! I would like it for my band Mali Mali which you can listen to(I've posted the myspace address). So if anyone here has one they're willing to sell, let me know! thanks heaps.
    Ben  [bentolich-AT-gmail.com]  www.myspace.com/malimalisongs  02/10/2009 05:09
    vss-30 out of box, perfect working condition, no manual or adapter. 4 AA batteries required. only hooked up to an amp 1 or 2 times
    one owner  [baydeveloper-AT-sbcglobal.net]  myspace.com/johnlfoster  03/09/2009 03:52
    (was display model at sears)
    Anonymous  [baydeveloper-AT-sbcglobal.net]  03/09/2009 03:55
    thats FIVE (whisper) FIVE batteries shall the number be.
    Anonymous  [eastbayweb-AT-sbcglobal.net]  03/09/2009 07:05
    it is FALSE that there are no drums or drum patterns, you can program your own pctchu pctchu with it. but you have to use one side of the keyboard and enter the percussion voice in yourself...well I guess a voice is not a drum but... ptchu ptchu
    Anonymous  [eastbayweb-AT-gmail.com]  03/09/2009 07:13
    sniff sniff, smells like someone nearby has a pre-burned yamaha ready, that the cops told them to throw out last time, bidding closes at midnight, value $100.
    Anonymous  [baydeveloper-AT-sbcglobal.net]  03/09/2009 08:11
    sold for $50 plus shipping, will repost if sale doesn't go through.
    found a buyer  [baydeveloper-AT-sbcglobal.net]  03/11/2009 06:54
    it was a display model, so it was a massive quest to obtain one of these. I only got close enough to see the back of the instruction manual so thanks for posting that, so I can sell it. ;)
    Anonymous  [baydeveloper-AT-sbcglobal.net]  03/11/2009 06:58
    Sold! I wanted a mini-moog anyway :) Next best thing I could find.
    Anonymous  [baydeveloper-AT-sbcglobal.net]  04/01/2009 03:57
    I have a VSS-30 for sale. Comes with AC Adapter if I can dig it up but its in decent condition for being 20+ years old. Got it brand new as a Christmas present when I was 6! Missing battery door. $100 + shipping.
    Matt  [mschafe-AT-gmail.com]  06/05/2009 04:42
    Please email me if you have a vss 30 for sale. Thanks
    Dylan  [dylankf-AT-hotmail.com]  06/19/2009 06:38
    I still have the VSS-30, multiple buyers never produced a check.
    John L Foster  [baydeveloper-AT-hush.com]  99.com  07/15/2009 07:46
    its on ebay now for $10, I can't afford to have it resealed in plastic, as 80's keyboards had lower standards for toxicity and heavy metals as 90's and modern keyboards, and I think was designed to last 20 years.
    John L Foster  [baydeveloper-AT-hush.com]  08/24/2009 11:57
    The keyboard also holds your voices and keyboard split setup (but not the sample) in a special ram+ chip when the power switch is left on and the batteries or power cord are removed! I don't think this is documented in the user manual and came in an insert.
    John L Foster  [baydeveloper-AT-hush.com]  08/28/2009 12:00
    I´ve got a Yamaha Portasound vss-30 in near mint condition + softcase, but without adapter for sale. I live in Sweden though, so shippingcosts to the u.s is about 80 dollars (DHL) I believe. I will try to sell it here in Sweden aswell, but as of now I´ve still got it. Anybody interested? If so, give me an offer!
    Markus Olofsson  [me2621-AT-hotmail.com]  10/05/2009 12:35
    Standard price in eBay seem to be close to the $200 USD mark now. I just picked up a mint condition example for $165 and new ones are being listed above $30-$40 on the first day of auction. Many resellers, dealers and private owners are watching the trend carefully and prices are expected to climb sharply over the next couple of years... so best to snap one up early while they are still at the 'just affordable' level. When I mean 'affordable', I mean for a toy. These things are collectible and although I haven't received mine yet, the sounds they make are unbelievable. These things blow both the SK-1 AND SK-5 out of the water!
    Alex Andersson  [casiosk1-AT-yopmail.com]  11/21/2009 05:01
    I'm definitely going to put Liquid's SKM module inside it, as long as it doesn't compromise space or force me to remove the speaker. I think investing in a portable digital recording device would be a good idea too. A 16-bit unit with gigabytes of storage so that any performance, sound or sample I create can be preserved forever in digital format.
    Alex Andersson  [casiosk1-AT-yopmail.com]  11/21/2009 05:15
    And for those who are thinking of buying themselves a VSS-100 or VSS-200, my advice is: don't bother. Instead, get yourself a VSS-30 and add a PSS-380/390 to it. Not only will you have the ability to resample the 100 FM tones like the VSS-200 can, but you will also have the missing effects that the VSS-30 has over the VSS-200 ... PLUS, the PSS-380/390 keyboards add a 7-function digital synthesizer as well as dual layering, advanced filtering and 8-key polyphony.
    Alex Andersson  [casiosk1-AT-yopmail.com]  11/21/2009 09:38
    I've also discovered that connecting any one of the Casio SA series keyboards into the VSS-30 and sampling any one of the 100 PCM instruments gives you some really nice results. It seems the tones get cleaned up and the VSS offers you many ways to alter or improve the original tones, (that tend to be noisy and granular with zipper-like effects). I have to say I have much more fun sampling and altering instruments from my SA-20 than I do from any PSS model... and I feel that PCM sounds give much nicer results.
    Alex Andersson  [casiosk1-AT-yopmail.com]  12/18/2009 06:16
    I'm selling my Yamaha VSS-30 on Ebay.
    Marcel  [rippchenmitkrautundsenf-AT-yahoo.ca]  02/11/2010 04:04
    My VSS-30 does not sample correctly everytime. At times it will only sample a fraction of a second, other times it will sample the entire "BAAAAAAA" I have pressed many different combination of keys to no avail. Can anyone help. thanks
    vasyL ko  [vasylko-AT-geochange.org]  04/05/2010 03:07
    Fuck! I LOVE my VSS-30. I've recorded so much break through. The envelope playability is so dynamic, if I never bent it, it would still hold infinite powers. I'd sell mine for 5 or $400 USD, because money is tight and it has a broken key (where all the bends are going I suppose). Otherwise I'd charge ya $900 because it's power level is way over 9000. VSS-30 and a Tyco Hot Lixx in heaven honey.
    Ray  [minneapolisartist-AT-gmail.com]  04/08/2010 09:23
    Just picked one of these up yesterday in great condition for $4 at a thrift shop. WOW! (not looking to sell)
    Synth Sircus  [synthsircus-AT-gmail.com]  www.msyapce.com/synthsircus  05/02/2010 08:40
    I'm looking for one of these at the moment so if you live in the UK and have one of these then email me. I'm poor so £30 max (no trying to extort me).
    Not Important  [sammyyoda-AT-hotmail.co.uk]  05/06/2010 12:45
    I'm wanting to buy a VSS-30. Will pay $100 US for one in good condition. Feel free to email me.
    Sheehan  [info-AT-rhiansheehan.com]  05/26/2010 07:23
    Just got one of these at an estate sale for 10$ U.S. No battery cover, otherwise pristine condition. All for me. I had never heard of this before but like to bend, wow I got lucky!
    AWAKE  [mikesadork-AT-yahoo.com]  http://pleasewakeupmusic.blogspot.com/  07/24/2010 04:19
    Here's a video featuring (among other synths) the VSS-30 I found for $6 a couple month back. There's a lot going on, but the arpeggiated, scale-jumping, 'Pac Man' sounds are the VSS. Enjoy: (www)youtube (.com) /watch?v=MBwg1jTbE_c (Non-circuit bent)
    The Synth Sircus  [synthsircus-AT-gmail.com]  www.myspace.com/synthsircus  07/30/2010 08:27
    Any of you kind folks have a vss-30 to sell to a hungry musician? i am in the seattle area...
    Sam Cooley  [cooley.sam-AT-gmail.com]  08/05/2010 06:34
    Hi there Anyone willing to sell me a VSS30? I live in Denmark. Thank you in advance
    Edmund  [spismund-AT-hotmail.com]  09/03/2010 04:19
    Who's got a vss-30 for sale and how much? Email me at questthewordsmith@gmail.com if you can put it up on ebay or point me in the right direction. Thanks!
    Quest  [questthewordsmith-AT-gmail.com]  www.freestylefam.com  12/25/2010 10:08
    Hi, e-mail me if you are interested in selling me a VSS 30 at wellersthe@yahoo.com
    Paul Weller  [wellersthe-AT-yahoo.com]  01/01/2011 10:18
    Hi..I have a VSS 30 that i'm selling for 100.00. It's in ex condition but do not have the ac adapter. Of course it runs on aa batteries as well.
    Mike Dunn   [emandee-AT-gmail.com]  01/24/2011 06:34
    Hello I'm selling a diabolical circuit bent Yamaha vss30!!! on eBay come get it!!!
    emorie41  [waldo206-AT-gmail.com]  http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=290545871146&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT  03/18/2011 12:20
    Looking to buy a VSS 30, in Richmond area. Email me if you've got one for sale, you would make my life.
    Brandon  [Atxthekiller-AT-gmail.com]  04/15/2011 06:40
    man this and the casio sk1 are probably the most monstrously dirty machines to ever be created...oh yeah plus the ensoniq mirage.
    DANMAN  [MPC5002-AT-GOOGLEMAIL.COM]  05/08/2011 12:57
    I have a VSS-30 mint condition, still in the box. It belonged to my 90 year old uncle(not joking) and was barely used. Contact me if you're interested. I'm in the NY/Hudson Valley area, but will work out shipping for the right price.
    KenF  [darkside1964_99-AT-yahoo.com]  06/08/2011 09:12
    Looking to get my hands on a VSS-30, email me if anyone is selling theirs. Much appreciated!
    Darren  [darrencolomb-AT-gmail.com]  11/09/2011 04:06
    Hi. Have a VSS-200 for sale. No power adaptor and bit dusty but perfect working order. Thanks
    Amanda  [amandadonnelly-AT-sky.com]  12/04/2011 04:39
    I have a vss 30 for sale, no power supply but comes with brand new batteries. Works great sad to see it go but must pay rent. Email or post and make me an offer. It will go to the highest bidder not because I'm a mean but because I really need the money. Thanks
    Annette  [Annettesgotthehits-AT-hotmail.com]  12/07/2011 10:10
    Got my email wrong this is the correct one annettesgotthehits@gmail.com I live in Vancouver bc
    Annette  [Annettesgotthehits-AT-gmail.com]  12/07/2011 10:23
    hey everyone I have just put my VSS-30 up for sale. I'm not happy about it but I've made the decision and it's time for the little guy to find a new home. I've got it up in an ebay auction, but since you can't post links here, just go ahead and search eBay for it. It's up for 7 days. cheers folks. strange
    Strange Powers  [shagnetics-AT-gmail.com]  02/26/2012 07:47
    Hello from Spain, I have a VSS-30. Been with me for 20 years and I just found that is a good one. Is in great condition, only not having the batterie cover, and is amazing how after 20 years works, perfect! I´m just checking here to se if anyone is looking for it before going to e-bay. I can send you pics if you want. Best regards
    Jacobo Pachon  [jacobo1pachon-AT-hotmail.com]  03/02/2012 04:26
    I'm very interested in owning one of these for the right price. Anyone who has one please email me. Thanks
    Nick Jones  [nickjonesdaydreamer-AT-gmail.com]  http://casioisland.tumblr.com  10/22/2012 09:22
    i have a yamaha portasound vss-30 missing power supply cord n battery cover..email me if interested in purchasing
    Kathy Bruce  [oreocat64-AT-yahoo.com]  12/02/2012 09:19
    Man, I have an old VSS-30 around here somewhere....Ah the memories of plunking away on it when I was little, pretending I actually knew how to play music. Now that I actually do know what I'm doing I'd love to play the old girl again...too bad it vanished. I can always seem to find it when I don't have any use for it, but now that I really want to find it and see what it can actually do, it seems to have fallen off the face of the earth.
    Chris  [foydfan8312-AT-aol.com]  12/17/2012 02:45
    Looking for a yamaha vss30 or vss200. Email me if you have one in working condition and can ship ut to Sweden! Best /Peter
    Peter  [peter.j.bartel-AT-gmail.com]  12/25/2012 12:17
    I have a great condition VSS-30 my 5 year old got for christmas. I haven't let her play with it yet. It still has some protective plastic on it. email me with some offers. I am in alabama. you would pay shipping as well.
    Danny  [dannyweston-AT-gmail.com]  01/12/2013 05:34
    I got one on Ebay UK RIGHT NOW !
    graham  [grahampreston2-AT-hotmail.com]  04/07/2013 01:52
    Noted your remark of having a VSS-30 for sale & want to purchase at any fair price & if VAIRY fair, I'll include thu donation you requested . . .
    Archie  [archie-AT-olivecandlevoice.com]  04/15/2013 08:49
    if anyone has one for sale, and can send it to norway. email me at shaunytterland@gmail.com
    w  [shaunytterland-AT-gmail.com]  04/17/2013 08:07
    I have a VSS-30, possibly for sale if the price is right, make me an offer @ Ajaxinc[at]gmail.com
    Alex  [ajaxinc-AT-gmail.com]  05/02/2013 07:07
    I have a VSS-30 for sale. It's in full working order but battery cover is misseing the original AC adapter but any will work as long as it's the right voltage and connection. I also have a red Yamaha SHS-10 keytar midi controller up for grabs. Please email ciararara@gmail.com with sensible offers. I live in UK and can post to anywhere as long as postage is covered by the buyer.
    Ciara Ellis  [ciararara-AT-gmail.com]  06/03/2013 10:23
    Oops I meant to say the original AC adapter is also missing (I think - will have a rummage to see if I still have it).
    Ciara Ellis  [ciararara-AT-gmail.com]  06/03/2013 10:37
    I am a serious buyer if anyone has one in original condition. Thanks, Howard.
    Howard Schell  [howardschellenberg-AT-gmail.com]  06/04/2013 02:27
    i found a vintage vss-30 but lost the power supply, i don't know much about keyboard, can i use the Visual Sound 1Spot to power it up with no damage? if not, what should i buy? thx very much
    joshkc  [joshkckc61-AT-gmail.com]  07/10/2013 10:21
    I still have this VSS-30 for sale. practically brand new in box. I have "played" it. I have no musical ability so I can only vouch that it works. Included is power adapter. let me know.
    Danny Weston  [dannyweston-AT-gmail.com]  06/18/2014 11:35
    Looking for a VSS-30 for sale. Please give me an email!
    Jack Evans  [jackharryevans-AT-gmail.com]  02/01/2015 10:26
    Anyone have a Yamaha Vss 30 for sale?
    J. Wood  [Justinmatthewwood-AT-gmail.com]  Woodandkelly.com  04/07/2015 06:33
    If anyone has a VSS-30 for sale, I'd be very interested in buying. Send me an e-mail.
    Bryan C.  [bgc1188-AT-gmail.com]  05/11/2015 08:57
    I am interested in a VSS-30 in the UK if anyone has one.
    Phil  [clemo-AT-philipclemo.com]  09/11/2015 04:18
    I have two for sale in the UK, one in the best condition you will ever see with box and the other a little scratched here and there but both working perfectly
    Stevee0303  [slr3032003-AT-yahoo.co.uk]  12/23/2015 11:24
    I'm on the hunt here in the states! If you have a vss30, drop me a line. Thanks!
    Paul  [Mpaulcurreri-AT-gmail.com]  01/22/2016 08:22
    I'm on the hunt here in the states! If you have a vss30, drop me a line. Thanks! Mpaulcurreri-AT-gmail.com
    Paul  [Mpaulcurreri-AT-gmail.com]  01/22/2016 08:22
    Hi, i'm from brazil. I've recently founded one vss-30. I was checking his pitch and all the keys are a little out of tune. I've noticed that must have one pitch control for each note because for exemple, all the C keys presents the same level of detuning. i want to ask if you guys have some schematic of the keyboard for can i find where to put him back in tune. Thanks
    Dennis Krigger  [denniskrigger-AT-gmail.com]  03/10/2016 01:48
    Hi all, I am in the UK and have a Yamaha VSS-30 Portasound, in original box with packaging and in as new condition c/w power adapter (not original) and instruction. It is wasted on me if anyone wants to make me an offer.
    Roy Dickenson  [dickensonr-AT-virginmedia.com]  07/25/2016 03:04
    Im looking for parts i have a broken keyboard the white keys if anybody can help track down a new or used key dec i will be your mate its 28 years old and i just found it in the attic at my mums and i want to get it fixt thanks
    Mark Laird  [marklaird262-AT-hotmail.com ]  07/31/2016 12:04

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